Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MOMables Mac & Cheese

I reviewed a MOMables recipe for mac&cheese back in April, but didn't share the recipe since it wasn't a free recipe. I decided to review the free recipe, too, since it is the perfect side to delicious homemade beer battered fish. That, and everyone loved the last time I made it.

It was really easy to make the sauce, and making the pasta is pretty self explanatory. The only challenging part was attempting to make the sauce while Squiggle was clinging to my legs and trying to pull up to touch the hot pan and Bobble kept grabbing for the stool she was trying to climb on (risking making her fall) so HE could climb up and "help".

...due to the above distractions, I was going to eyeball a few measurements. I'm really good at eyeballing measurements. I've done it for (literally) decades, now. Sadly, I have not attempted to do it while holding back two wiggling, squirmy, screeching, wrestling kids. Long story short, I think I accidentally tripled the amount of mustard because I got pulled on right as I was adding that (too much of a squeeze!)... oops!

Bright side: the kids and I love mustard.

In fact, everyone devoured the mac & cheese still... except hubby. Hubby took a bite and got confused, then said it tasted like mustard. I explained and he got all confused stating you should never put mustard in mac & cheese.

...I just pointed out that I did when I made it last time and he loved it. He just looked at me skeptically (because he did love it last time!), and then kept eating.

Moral of the story? Eyeballing ingredients is dangerous with two little ones literally at your feet. Do so at your own risk.

Oh! We also added about 1 1/2 tablespoons of blue cheese crumbles, and a gouda stick. (yes, stick... like a string cheese stick only it is just gouda). Had the mustard not been added in the amount it was (thanks, kids) this would have been FABULOUS! As it was, it was just really good.

The recipe!

Easy Mac and Cheese
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  1. I've tried a recipe similar to this and will never be able to go back to boxed macaroni and cheese. I take out the mustard though for some reason I can really pin point that in the recipe and it hasn't been to my taste. I also like using pepperjack cheese sometimes with cheddar to spice up the mac and cheese.

    1. Have you considered trying mustard powder for a more subtle flavour?