Friday, October 3, 2014

MOMables Cauliflower Rice

Have you considered going grain or gluten free, but love rice too much to give it up? Cauliflower rice might be a great option for you! It's simple to make, and it tastes great! Bonus, it's veggies for the kids when they might not even realize it!

MOMables has an easy how-to for making Cauliflower Rice, though I'm going to share the recipe below and our experience with it.

We don't have a food processor, so hubby added some water to the 1" pieces and used an immersion blender. When they were the size desired, we dumped that into a mesh strainer and then cooked it after it drained.

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Disclaimer: Thoughts of Fluff received a trial subscription to MOMables in exchange for reviews. This does not sway my opinion of the product and all opinions are my own.

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