Thursday, October 16, 2014

MOMables Chicken, Bacon, Slaw salad (GF)

After making a delicious whole roasted chicken to accompany my MOMables Zucchini Au Gratin, I had a good deal of chicken left over. Probably about half of the chicken, actually. I found another recipe that called for leftover chicken and it sounded great, so I went for it.

Chicken, Bacon, Slaw Salad! It looked great, but I knew the kids wouldn't eat a salad. Not that they wouldn't like the ingredients, more like it would turn into confetti. I decided to make it into wraps (gluten-free wraps, at that!) and see how it worked.

We threw the stuff together for the chicken salad, left the bacon in strips, and assembled the wraps. I sliced sections of one of them (already held together with toothpicks) for the kiddos. I removed Squiggle's toothpick before serving it to her, though.

Another MOMables win!

This was not a free recipe, but you can find many good recipes on the MOMables pinterest page.

Bobble and Squiggle ate all the chicken, bacon, and some of the wrap. The slaw, as predicted, was tossed around more than consumed.

Hubby and I both enjoyed our wraps, and we definitely plan to make it again! We added a bit of shredded cheddar to the wraps. Avocado would have been great, too.

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