Saturday, October 4, 2014

MOMables Kid's Chicken Curry

My kids love a variety of flavours, and even things I think are absolutely bizarre. They are adventurous eaters, but they just don't do spicy. When I saw this MOMables curry recipe, I simply had to try it! It promised a flavourful meal without the spicy kick.

Starting out making the curry

Squiggle had a little dish and loved every bite of it!

Instead of making this for a lunch, I decided to make it dinner for the whole family. I also used some chicken thighs instead of chicken breast simply because that's what we had available. We served it atop some Cauliflower Rice, and yum!

Since this is not one of the free recipes, I will not be sharing the actual recipe. You can GO HERE to get the recipe of the Cauliflower Rice.

The kids loved the taste, but hubby and I wished it wasn't as runny as it was. I think it might be better made in a crock pot with a while to have some of the liquid cook out. I also would probably add a wee bit of garlic to the chicken while it browns (before adding the rest of the ingredients). I'm also not a fan of salt, but I added a bit of salt to this dish (actually, the black specks seen in Bobbles bowl in the last picture are specks of salt) after we served it up.

It's a really good recipe, though next time we will probably double the curry powder, add a sprinkle of salt, and some garlic. That, and the slow cooker. I loved how easy this recipe was to make, and I love the fact I can so easily adapt it to my family's tastes without messing anything up.

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