Thursday, October 9, 2014

MOMables (GF) Chicken with Grape Sauce

In the interest of trying something new, I decided to test out the Chicken with Grape Sauce recipe I got as a meal option in my grain-free MOMables menu. Before I go any further, I must tell you that I tried this out for my family, not for me. I have some really weird food quirks, and one of them is that it cannot be a sweet food unless it's a dessert (or fresh fruit by itself). I went into this one assuming I wouldn't like it.

About midday, I decided I didn't feel like cooking anymore. I asked my husband if he would mind cooking instead, and he said he would. I helped him with some prep work (washing/slicing grapes) and reading the recipe to him while he cooked. That totally counts as helping, right?

This is not a free menu option, so the full recipe will not be shared.

Prep work was really simple, though. Very, VERY simple.

We paired it with some mei fun (rice noodles) and green beans. Good choices. This would also have been good over rice.

Bobble's plate with the chicken cut up

Hubby was surprised at how easy it was to make. He also commented that he really liked the dish a lot, and would love to have it again. Knowing my quirk, he asked what I thought. I told him that it was not something I would ever request, but I would have no problem eating it again if he was craving it. That says a lot, actually... I normally won't even eat something that has a hint of sweetness.

Personally, I'd like to try it with cranberries in lieu of grapes. Hubby says that might be too tart, but I thought this was too sweet for my taste (of course, I don't like sweet meals).

The kids loved it and ate very well. Bobble was too all over the place to get any good pictures, but I got a couple of Squiggle that weren't blurry. (Seriously, these kids are always moving!)

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