Thursday, February 11, 2016

6 babies

I mentioned last summer that we were growing out family by 6 (chickens!), and life got out of hand and didn't allow me to introduce them.

So, without further delay... our girls!

They definitely have become a well-loved addition by all :)

Sharing her Oogie Boogie POP! toy

She's drawing with chalk, they think she has food

So much love!

The highlight of his day is getting eggs. He checks multiple times a day.

Her first time getting an egg.... and last. She instantly dropped it. :\
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Green(?) Shopping

I'd like to start this post off by stating that I was not requested to write this, nor does any company mentioned even know I was going to write it.

I pride myself on making green choices for my family, and with this comes the attempt to shop at green stores. Kohl's, for one, is quite the green store. It has many green practices in place, and has currently been carbon neutral for FIVE YEARS! (Carbon neutrality is removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as you put out.)

I love Kohl's. I always have, and probably always will.

One company I don't have the highest opinion of is Walmart. That's not to say individuals working there are not good, and that's not saying anything to the effect of pay for employees. I'm only looking at environmental things here.

This is where I encountered a surprise. I was doing some digging on Walmart and their green policies, and I found out they are actually pretty darn green. They have pretty strict standards for their suppliers, and some interesting initiatives on cutting out needless packaging and plastic bag waste in some of their international locations (that link goes to Japan).

The biggest factor I seem to encounter when I saw/heard discussions about Walmart and being green would be greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Obviously GHG emissions are super important, and Walmart has very aggressive goals in place like 100% renewable energy, and zero waste

Sooo, what's the problem here? Well, their emissions. The numbers have only increased in the last few years (see chart in link). That's the thing, though... so have the number of stores (see bubble chart image in link).

Walmart's emissions include emissions in their supply chain, which makes sense... but it has been growing. Walmart has opened new stores and purchased new stores (like Seiyu, in Japan, which became Walmart owned in 2008).

If you have 10 stores, and these stores reduce carbon emissions, your emissions go down. If you have 10 stores that reduce emissions, but you purchase 10 stores (regardless of what their emissions are), your emissions go up.

All this being said, I still have a ways to go to be convinced of Walmart actually being green on a whole... but considering the company has gone from a bit over 5,000 stores in 2006 to over 10,000 stores at present, I'm also not going to assume they aren't trying.

I have to admit, though, I sort of loved to hate Walmart. I am a bit bummed that I like them a little more than I did. (This still doesn't mean I'm a fan, though.)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Misspoken Words

We've all heard those "out of the mouth of babes" sort of things. We've probably all got our own story of things our kids have said, too.

When first learning to speak, Bobble frequently said both "truck" and "frog" like a certain 4-letter word that starts with F.

Squiggle likes to call her purse her "person", and bananas are "bee-nuhs". Since we teach the correct anatomical words for body parts, she also says "china" instead of vagina.

I've discovered that, as he gets older, Bobble enjoys making up words. He likes to make up names to call people, too. His favourite, lately, is "cocoa banana". I have been called a cocoa banana more times than I can count.

Bobble also enjoys calling us by our first names because he thinks it's funny, despite us correcting him. Sometimes he says, "Thank you cocoa banana Christine." at dinner, and Squiggle parrots, "thank you cocoa beenuh Christmas."

Sometimes he just straight up changes sounds in words... but today we had a less-than-appropriate one.

In a fit of silliness, he changed hot chocolate to "hot cahck-lick". 


Oh good grief.

I am just thankful we were at home when that was said and not out in public. 

What embarrassing things have your children said?

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I need to apologize to everyone for my disappearance. Too many things happening prevented me from having the time, energy, or motivation to write. I'll give a brief catch-up entry, and there will be actual entries to come in the near future. I promise!

Bobble has had numerous relapses with his kidney issue since I last wrote. He's been on and off steroids many times, and that makes for a difficult time for all.We all have those days where our child is just acting absolutely horrible, right? (Please tell me I'm not the only one!) Imagine your kid at their most whiny, most defiant, most obstinate .... and then multiply that by about 10. That is how he gets every time he starts to relapse. Every. Single. Time.

Of course, after the relapse is identified, it all makes sense. Then we start the high dose of steroids that make his moods touchy, too. Sometimes he's just super whiny, other times very happy and hyper. All the time, however, he's hungry. Crossing my fingers he doesn't gain too much weight this go-round with steroids.

Squiggle is growing up, too. She's out of diapers (save night time), she has stopped nursing, and she has started attending a (pre) preschool 3 days out of the week. She used to beg to go, throwing a tantrum because her brother got to go and she didn't. Now that she gets to go, she gets upset that she can't go every day, only three days a week. I'll write an entry on this soon.

We lost our oldest cat over the summer, we gained 6 feathered babies (chickens), and our household has experienced changes in the dynamic as well.

I know that last year was a light year for how many entries I wrote. A lot of this has coincided with me returning to school. The first few classes didn't really take away from my blogging time, but as I moved through them, I had less and less time to devote to non-scholastic reading and writing. I am still in school, and it's not getting any easier or less demanding. In fact, I actually just took on as head of an organization through my school, so I have that to manage and I also have an internship taking up my time. Still, I am determined to at least write one post a week. Please bare with me if they are shorter posts. It's going to take some scheduling to get this to work, but I'll make it work.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Channel your inner geek

I'm a geek. I always have been one, I will always be one. Perhaps I'm a nerd. Maybe both? Either way, I'm a gamer. I've always loved gaming, and even though my gaming days have been limited since parenthood, it never leaves my blood! It's part of who I am.

I was poking around a retail website (you could probably guess which one after the rest of this sentence) a while back, and I saw one of those awesome D20 necklaces. I wanted one, but, as usual, it was out of stock. I got curious and poked around on Etsy.

I found them.

I found LOTS of them.

Not all of them were that great, though. I mean, many of them were okay, but I'm rather picky. If a picture is slightly off-center, I must fix it. I was given a ring (previous boyfriend) that had a marquis stone and two accents... and the marquis was crooked. That was the first thing I noticed, and it bugged me daily. So yeah, not all of the things I found were stellar, but one shop stood out.


This shop had beautiful spiral caged D20 necklaces. I mean beautiful. Other shops had some that were crooked, uneven, etc., but Project Nerd had so many necklaces and perfect spiraling.

I got a necklace for myself, but Bobble got jealous. I got him one, too.

The quality was great both times. Bobble even had his shipped in this cute little box with tissue paper around it. He was ecstatic.

The die comes out easily, though I wouldn't recommend it for young children (like Bobble) who like to tug on things. His necklace got stretched a bit too much (the caging). It still holds nicely, but it bothers my quirky, perfectionist self. Of course, mine looks as perfect as the day I got it, and I've taken the die out numerous times. It wasn't taking the die out that caused the issue, it was a 4 year old thinking he should tug a bunch and stretch it out.

As you can see, he did tug a lot on it. I have taken my die out at least a dozen times, and it has maintained proper shape. I assume he just tugged and tugged. (I say "assume" because he took it to school for show and tell one time... and it came home like this.)

I also don't let Bobble wear his necklace without an adult around, because the die is tiny. Four is plenty old enough to know better, but that doesn't stop him from doing things he know he shouldn't any other time. Better safe than sorry!

Not only has this necklace made me friends that I might otherwise never have met (random conversation starter with strangers!), but it has saved me from a screaming child in doctor office waiting rooms. The die makes a great distraction for Squiggle! I had pictures of that, but they all came out blurry because she was playing and moving around so much.

She also loves it as a nursing necklace.

Project Nerd has more than just spiral D20 necklaces, though! Check out these neat die earrings and the MTG pendants!

Ohhhhh, but wait! The best part! Not only is the craftsmanship fabulous on these items, but the prices are awesome, too! The price varies by the die selected, but they are between $7 and $10 (excluding shipping) for the D20 necklaces.

Did I say that was the best part? I guess I was wrong... because this is the best part:
Project Nerd is going to give one of my readers a d20 necklace of their choice! YES! GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Wooden Spoons for mugs or baby (Sage Spoonfuls review)

I'm a pretty big fan of tea, but I dislike the lines in the bottom of my mugs that eventually become full-on cracks. I won't drink from a mug that is cracked, as I am a bit leery of what is used in the manufacturing process.

Now, I know it's probably super obvious, but the metal spoons I'd use to stir my drinks were causing the marks that eventually became cracks. Looking back, it's super obvious. I'm honestly surprised it took me this long to realize that.

Still, the realization (which actually occurred months ago, but I've been MIA for a while on the blog!) prompted me to search for alternatives. I used the little take 'n toss spoons that we've had, but I dislike plastic (in general), and rarely even let the kids use them, much less want to use them in a hot drink.

I searched online and found some wooden baby spoons by Sage Spoonfuls. You might recognize the name as a company that creates BPA free containers for storing baby food, or maybe from their hand blender. I remembered hearing the name of the company before as a fairly "safe" company (in terms of "Green"), so when I saw their bamboo spoons I decided to try them out.

This is where I'd like to point out that I was not given these spoons to review. I purchased them with my own money, and without contact with the company.

The spoons are eco-friendly, and supposedly dishwasher safe. I say "supposedly" not because I've had a negative experience, but because I've only handwashed them in hopes of extending their lifespan.

The spoons come in a 3 pack, and are an ideal size for a baby to use. No worries, they are non-splintering! Seeing as how I bought these for my personal use, I was really more concerned with how long the handle was for my mugs.

Thankfully, it is plenty long enough!

I have been using these spoons for a few months now, and my mugs have no signs of wear, the spoons show minimal signs of wear (only slight discolouration), and everyone is happy!

Spoon pictured after use for a few months
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Well, I've successfully gone missing from here. I had mentioned I would be stepping back a bit before writing again, and writing more about myself in future posts... so this will be ALL about me. Not much, but a brief explanation!

My new class started, and I have to admit that it's really difficult doing school with children. Like, REALLY difficult. Perhaps it's just the ages of them children, but taking a class is challenging. Even more challenging, and the reason I've been missing so much, is taking a law class with two young children.

Yes. Law.

On the bright side, I'm only a couple weeks away from the end of that class, and I'm hoping that the next class will be a bit easier on me. Not that I dislike the challenge, but man! Law and wee ones do not mix!

We've also had a tough time with our eldest fur baby. She is at the end of her life, and we are forced to decide between putting her down or letting her try to go naturally. It's not an easy choice at any time, and certainly made more difficult by children that are old enough to ask about her. Bobble has been asking about death more and more the last few months, so I'm not sure if I should let him be there if we put her down, or if we should do it while he is elsewhere.

We've never gone through this with children. In fact, I haven't had to put down an animal I was attached to. Never. I had animals run off. I had rescues I had just gotten need to be put down. I've never had an animal for this long, and I've never had an animal this close.

Anyone with input on this situation, I'd love to hear from you. What did you tell your children? We've been trying to explain that she's an old, grandma kitty, and we've mentioned her body is old and isn't healing itself anymore.

Again, I promise to write more, soon. Really!