Saturday, October 11, 2014

MOMables Homemade Chicken Nuggets

My children are huge fans of meat in finger food form. Fish sticks, sausage links, chicken strips, chicken nuggets... yeah. All of the above. We dislike the processed foods aspect, and we buy the organic nuggets when we do buy them. Still those are expensive. We make chicken strips from scratch, but we had never made nuggets from scratch.

MOMables changed that with their chicken nugget recipe. The recipe can be gluten free if you use GF breadcrumbs, too. We didn't have ground chicken, but we did have chicken breast that needed to be used so we used our blender and ground it ourselves.

My husband was the chef for nuggets, so I had the opportunity to take more pictures of the process since I didn't have to worry about potentially burning food (though he did fry some of the nuggets a bit long).

You can bake the nuggets or fry them. We opted to fry them, then made popcorn with oil later that night.

Sadly, hubby only made enough for the kids (...I may have stolen a couple nibbles), and froze the rest of them. He said that it was super easy to do and much cheaper than buying them in the store, so we will do this from now on.

The thing that took the longest was cleaning our immersion blender after using it on the chicken breasts. We don't have a grinder, a food processor or even a standard blender. That aside it was easy-peasy.

No action shots of the kids eating them, as they were devoured way too quickly. I actually had to keep trying to get a shot of the inside of the nugget because Bobble kept swiping them as I was focusing the camera! They also tasted soooooo much better than the organic nuggets we had been buying.

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