Sunday, October 12, 2014

MOMables GF Avocado Stuffed Burgers

I'm a sucker for a good burger, and the MOMables recipe for avocado stuffed burgers looked awesome. I love salsa burgers, but I do hate tomatoes, so I wasn't sure how these would be since they had sundried tomato in them.

First things first: if you made these, odds are they will be a brighter green. We only had our black sea salt (out of pink and gray), so I took a picture of the sea salt to show you why the avocado mixture was going to look less-fresh. It was nice and green before the salt was mixed in.

black sea salt

Hubby didn't start the grill first like the recipe suggested, but rather after he made the mixture for inside the burgers. In retrospect, he wished he waited until he had EVERYTHING ready to assemble (meaning patties formed and ready to be made), as the grill died out and we had to finish the burgers in the oven. I'm thinking the recipe was written with a gas grill in mind (though it didn't mention it).

avocado mixture with the black sea salt mixed in

Hubby used rolled the meat out into a "log" and cut even slices, then made uniform sized patties by squishing them under a cereal bowl in a larger bowl.


The burgers looked and smelled amazing, but we really didn't care for the avocado mixture. The idea is great, and our family would have loved it without the sundried tomatoes. Sundried tomatoes just have that unique taste, and they aren't for everyone. Sadly, they are not for our family.

We fully intend on making these again (sans sundried tomatoes).

Surprisingly, one person devoured the sundried tomato mixture... Bobble. That kid loves interesting flavours, and I guess it shouldn't really shock me he loves sundried tomato!

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