Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Tips: Salvaging (Fresh) Fruit

Sometimes we end up with too much of a fruit in our house. This usually happens around the time of really good sales, for us. We all have seen that stage in fruit, such as strawberries, where you're looking at the container and you know it needs to be eaten now or they just are going to get mushy and gross.



I had strawberries ripened to their tipping point, so to speak, and saved them another whole week. I'm not guaranteeing you that your fruit will last forever if you puree it, but if you wash up what isn't going to get consumed that day (assuming it is the last day it seems like it would be good), blend it up, and place it in the refrigerator in a sealed container, you'll get a few more days out of it.

Pureed fruit is not only awesome for adding into baked goods (like donuts, breads, cakes, muffins, etc.), but you can add it into smoothies, stir into yogurt, or use as a topping. My favourite is spreading the pureed strawberries on top of pancakes. Tastier than jam/jelly/preserves!

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