Sunday, July 13, 2014

KitchenAid Zester

Since I am in the kitchen a lot, and have been a good chunk of my life, I figured I should let you guys see what all I use. Some of the items are desperately in need of replacement, some aren't. Some are used occasionally, some are used frequently. My KitchenAid Zester is one of those frequently used items.

I know that may sound surprising, but I've found it useful for all sorts of things, including grating a tiny bit of ginger root. I have used my zester for 7 years now, and there isn't a single problem with it. It's sharp as can be has no pitting, has no rust... it's stellar. I've zested many lemons, limes, oranges, and used it for grating, and it's never disappointed. I must say that it is one of my favourite small purchases for the kitchen. The quality doesn't disappoint.

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