Monday, July 14, 2014

A hot meal with a young baby (eating out)

When Bobble was little, I had an infant car seat that I took in places. It took up a lot of space and he always ended up nursing at some point anyway, so he never stayed in it. I frequently would hold the baby while my food went cold, then hand the baby to hubby while I ate.

I missed hot meals.

I know that hot meals are a luxury as a mom. I've heard this. I've known this. I still missed them.

When I had Squiggle, I realized there is an easier way. Sure, when the child can sit up in the booster or high chair it's easier.... but there is a way before they are big enough, too!

It's sooooo simple!


Before going in, hubby and I would decide who was the hungriest. They ate first. We would tell the waiter/waitress that we want to stagger the order, and the person eating first would order. When the food came out, the person holding the baby would order their meal. That was generally enough time for the first person to eat most, if not all, of their food.

Baby stays happy.

Everyone has a hot meal.


I wish I thought of that with my first. We rarely eat out, but those few times we do, hot meals are appreciated.

I hope this simple idea helps another family enjoy hot meals.


  1. I think this is quite genius. Seriously. Why didn't I ever think of this??

  2. Great idea! It's a win-win for everyone, and probably makes the dinner last longer too. If we're going to spend the money to go out, I like to take our time and have a long relaxing dinner. This is a good strategy.