Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adventures with chicks (pt. 5)

Our chicks are 6 weeks old and officially have feathers! They are also significantly harder to keep still for pictures, so I had to resort to holding the birds in front of me and snapping a picture. If their feet touched something, they would use it to their advantage and push off and sneak away. Without my friend over this time, my helpers were Bobble and Squiggle... erm... "helpers". 

Black Australorp, and the calmest chicken at the moment. She let me take this picture with minimal fuss.

 Above are the two EEs. Bobble's is on the left, and I'm holding the other one on the right.

We finally figured out that this is a Bantam Partridge Cochin. I'm loving this little one! She's so... different!

This barred rock is fiesty, and is making a run for it as the picture is being taken.
Still not 100% on this gorgeous chick, but current guess is Blue Orpington or Blue Andalusian
We have come to the conclusion that this lovely blue is actually an Olive Egger.. mostly because of her cheeks (see second picture below)

Squiggle's white cochin is on the left (note the black leg band), and the other has now grown in all white feathers (right). Good thing we put a band on them!

The chicks also had their first taste of treats today, as we gave them some dried mealworms after their (forced) photoshoot.

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