Thursday, June 2, 2016

Adventures with Chicks (pt. 1)

With the loss of our layer, we decided we would purchase baby chicks. We only needed one hen, but chicks need companionship. Chicks also might grow up to have unpleasant temperaments. Due to this, we actually purchased not just a few, but nine baby chicks!

On the way home from the hatchery (super bright light outside, too!)
Bobble wanted a hen that would lay blue or green eggs (an easter egger [EE]), Squiggle wanted a bird that would be all-white, and I wanted a blue bird (blue or lavender are really a pretty gray in the chicken world). This was going to be challenging since the birds were all together, unlabeled at the hatchery!

All but one of our new chicks (the missing one was drinking water)
I read up on the chick breeds the hatchery had available at some point during the year, and studied the chicks that would grow to be what the kids wanted. I am pretty confident we succeeded in getting all the requirements met! Bobble's EE can be seen in the bottom right of the above picture.

Our blue/lavender chicks

Our white chicks (possible buff on the right)
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