Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventures with chicks (pt. 3)

At two weeks of age, they looked much different!

Many more feathers, and much larger, too. We upgraded their container to something longer (They still have a heat lamp, of course!) and gave them a bigger food bowl and an actual watering container.

I took a picture of each chick individually at 2w and 2d:
Bobble's EE (pic to left is another EE)

 The two above are both going to be blue or lavender of some sort. The one on the right has feathers on the legs, too.

Above left we don't really know what she is. I was guessing Black Australorp at first, but I really don't know. The above right is a Barred Rock chick, and she will look just like our girls that we already have.

The one above on the left is Squiggle's chick. We are guessing she is a white cochin. I thought the one on the right would be a buff cochin due to colouration, but the feathers are coming in white... so maybe we got two white cochin chicks?

This last one is our accidental bantam. This chick is half the size of the others, and we have no idea what breed it might be. The bantam chicks are straight run (not sexed), so we don't know the gender, either. (S)he has a poof on their head, but not big enough to be a Polish chick, and they have five toes. Our best guess is maybe a Bantam Houdan?

It's crazy how much they change in such a short time frame!

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