Thursday, June 23, 2016

Adventures with chicks (pt. 4)

At 3 weeks and 3 days, the chicks have definitely given a better idea of what they will look like as they get older. They also quickly were growing out of their new container. We planned a similar set up as we had for our injured hen (and also that we used for our roo when we first got him), except significantly more straw for snuggling against and a heat lamp.

I had a friend over, (the person that introduced me to keeping chickens, actually!) and she helped me put a little band around the legs of a couple of the chicks.

Our little bantam is growing some feathers in and looking less like a chipmunk!
The barred rock is starting to show her barring instead of sporting all black with a white dot on the back of her head.
Still pretty certain this is a black australorp, and we are intending on keeping her.
Our two blues wouldn't hold still for the picture, but my friend did her best to get them to at least show their face for the camera. 
The feathers are coming in on the supposed buff cochin, and they are white! When I realized these two will likely be identical, we quickly banded the one that Squiggle wanted as her own chick so we could tell them apart.
The two easter egger (EE) chicks. The one on the right is Bobbles, and we banded her just in case they started to look more like each other like what happened with Squiggle's chick.

As the chicks grow, they are getting more spirited. By that, I mean they are more active and when I reach for them and they will either loudly run from me, or run up and peck at my wedding band.

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