Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MMB Instagram Takeover!

Now that my kids are out of diapers, I don't have as much need for the cloth diapering stores I once held so dear to my heart.... but that doesn't mean I don't still shop at them! While some stores only sell cloth diapers and accessories, stores like Mom's Milk Boutique (MMB) offer so many things that they still get my business from time to time. 

Things like Life Factory bottles (which I adore), RLR (great for more than just diapers!), and also some awesome around-the-house things like essential oils or a french press!

Okay, so what's new with MMB? They are taking over Instagram! Each day they are adding new items to their sale, so follow Mom's Milk Boutique on Instagram to see what items are on sale each day. The sales are running through the 20th, so that's nearly another week of awesome sales! 

The items currently on sale are Life Factory, Learning Tower, Hape, and Green Toys. Not what you're looking for? Check back each day! 

To take advantage of the sale, use code Instagram during checkout!

Happy shopping!

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