Monday, July 4, 2016

Tips: Fruit Flies

I don’t know how common of a problem this is, but every year we have issues with tiny little flies. I think they are fruit flies or gnats, honestly, though I’ve had them long before I had children (which means sometimes food ends up in places you wouldn’t think to look). They hang around drains, they hang around potted plants, and of course, food.

To help control these little pests without using unsafe chemicals, we put little dishes (think tiny condiment dishes) with apple-cider vinegar (ACV) near the sink and the fruit. 

You know the saying “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”? Yeah… I’m convinced that’s a lie. They really, really like the ACV. Of course, they can’t fly in it, they can’t swim, and so they are trapped. Success!

You can also add a tiny bit of dish soap to it and mix it up to help thicken the consistency and ensure they are actually stuck. We empty them out and refill them every couple of days during “fly season”.

Do you have any tips for controlling fruit flies?

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