Monday, July 11, 2016

A chalk alternative

I like to do a weekly menu for our dinner meals and place it on the fridge. It would be quite wasteful to print something like that out weekly, especially when it could change anyway. I don’t have one of those neat little chalk wall sections like I’ve seen in some houses, so I got a little dry erase board and some markers. 

The markers I got were too wide to allow me to write a full meal in the allotted space legibly, so I didn’t really use them much and bought fine point markers. That left me with markers just sitting around.

Though it's hard to see, there is a jack-o-lantern drawn on the top half of the door
When cleaning off the area where those markers were kept, I noticed they also said “window chalk”. I never thought about much, but they would work nicely for window decorations, so I decided to let the kids use the markers. They knew they were special markers since they were only ever used for the menu, so they understood they couldn’t use them like normal markers. I let them decorate the front storm door windows and other various windows in the house. This worked great for rainy days when they couldn’t play outside with chalk, and it also was great for when they had a party. They want to help decorate for their parties, but there really isn’t much they can do yet. They cannot blow up balloons yet (they try, though!), they can’t reach to hang items from higher up, and they really just feel left out when it comes to that. Now I let them use the markers for helping decorate.

They have not tried to use regular markers on the door/windows, and they haven’t tried to use the special chalk/dry erase markers on anything but glass (thankfully!). I’m glad that the markers aren’t going to waste, and that the kids can feel useful when “decorating” or can express themselves for all to see without it being permanent.

The markers are also easy to clean up because they are water based. They wipe off easily (dry with a bit of pressure, or water takes it right off), and they come off of hands easily, too!

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