Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Tips: Vacuuming with Toddlers

It's not always easy to vacuum when you have toddlers around. They seem to fall into one of two categories: scared of the vacuum or wanting to play with the vacuum. Personally, though it's frustrating having a child in the way of the vacuum all the time, I'd rather have them want to play with it than be scared of it. Both of my children love vacuums, so I had to come up with a way to make it so I could vacuum without it taking an hour for one little room.

I did a bunch of shopping around and found that you can get a little stick vacuum at Walmart for about $15. It varies by store as to what brand and price you will find, but there seem to consistently be some under $25. I got a Eureka "The Boss" stick vacuum, and gave it to Bobble. He loved it. I would plug that in for him and he would vacuum while I did. It is a real vacuum, so it picks up. It doesn't have a roller/brush, so their fingers cannot get stuck in anything, nor can things they roll over. It's a bagless vacuum, too. Just eject the collection area, empty, snap it back in. (I recommend doing that when the child is not around, of course!)

Bobble at 28mo with his brand new vacuum (and his very own mess to pick up right behind him!)
Not only does this let the child help out and keep them away from the expensive vacuum, but it is the same price or less than the toy vacuums and it is real. My make/model has a detachable head so you can use it as a little hand-held vacuum if you need, and there is a button, much like on an umbrella, that allows you to extend the handle to a comfortable height.

So, there you have it! Inexpensive, works, and you can also really help your little one understand how to clean up a mess they make!

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  1. This post made me laugh. It's so true. I love this idea! My toddler loves to pretend to vacuum, but she is scared of the real vacuum. Maybe a little stick vacuum would be perfect. I'd like her play vacuuming to be productive.