Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cloth 101: AIO diapers

When looking into diapers, many people want to know what is the absolute BEST diaper of a certain style. This post is to show you why you really can't select one "best" diaper... there are many designs for the same type of diaper! This post will show you the variation between just a few of the many different styles of AIO diapers.


 Above you can see the Grovia AIO diapers. They have rise snaps to adjust for a growing baby, and the absorbent part of the diaper is attached. There is a snap in booster that can attach to the underside. These diapers are side-snapping.


Above are the v3 Totsbots Easyfits. They came with a liner (far right), and have one long tongue that can be stuffed into the diaper (seen on left) or that could be folded to rest atop the diaper. They have rise snaps to adjust for baby's size. These diapers can be stuffed with extra absorbency, or left as-is. These diapers have some of the sturdiest aplix you will ever find.


This is a sized Blueberry AIO (simply because my OS is a bit stained inside). It has openings on both ends of the diaper to stuff the absorbent tongue and any extra boosters you might want. The tongue agitates out in the wash. This particular diaper is side-snapping. Below is a picture of the (exterior) of a Blueberry OS AIO. The diaper also has dual openings and the tongue agitates out, but the material inside is natural and not a stay-dry material. You can see the rise snaps on the diaper and it is not side-snapping.

As you can see, these three brands are all very different from one another, but they all are AIOs. THREE of the many different AIO diapers out there! Some AIOs have the absorbent part completely sewn down (so they don't create "tongues" - these take much longer to dry). Different diapers fit different body types in different ways, so it is best to think about what features mean the most to you before investing in a large quantity of diapers. If possible, it's best to try out a variety of styles before settling on only one type of diaper.

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