Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cloth 101: Pocket Diapers

When looking into diapers, many people want to know what is the absolute BEST diaper of a certain style. This post is to show you why you really can't select one "best" diaper... there are many designs for the same type of diaper! This post will show you the variation between just a few of the many different styles of pocket diapers.

Each diaper in the picture is shown with an open version of the same diaper below it.

The far left diaper is a (new) FuzziBunz OS (large). You can see that there are no rise snaps on the diaper. There are adjustable elastics in both the waist band and the legs that allow for you to adjust the fit for your baby. This pocket diaper stuffs in the back, and the diaper has a cross-over snap on the tabs to allow for a tighter fit on your little one.

The middle diaper is an AppleCheeks (Size 2) Envelope cover (can be used as a cover, can be stuffed like a pocket). This diaper doesn't have adjustable elastics or rise snaps, as it is a sized diaper and fits from between 15-20 lbs up to 35-40 lbs (really, it depends on if your little one is short and chunky or long and lean as to how long they wear the size). This diaper stuffs 2/3 of the way back, and the inserts agitate out in the wash thanks to this design. You can see the diaper bunches in the front at the top from elastic. This feature is fabulous if you have a tummy sleeper because it prevents the inserts from pushing the material out (thus, wicking and creating leaks). *AppleCheeks size 1 will fit from birth, and they recently released a size 3 which fits up to 60 lbs

The far right diaper is a Rumparooz OS diaper. This diaper stuffs from the back, and has sewn in double gussets to help contain messes. It has a snap-down rise to adjust for different sized babies. The waist and hip snaps on this diaper are directly above one another, unlike the off-set snaps of the other two diapers. That does not change the functionality, however, as this diaper is made of a stretchy enough material that it is easy to snap the top snap in one tighter (or looser) than the hip snap.

As you can see, these three diapers are all very different from one another, but they all get stuffed. And think about it: These are just THREE of the many different pocket diapers out there! Different diapers fit different body types in different ways, so it is best to think about what features mean the most to you before investing in a large quantity of diapers. If possible, it's best to try out a variety of styles before settling on only one type of diaper.

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