Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Tip: Cheesy Pasta (LS)

Bobble loves macaroni and cheese (or any pasta and cheese), but with his sodium restriction that gets tricky. Have you ever looked at the sodium content on cheeses? It's pretty high, considering. In an attempt to give him noodles and cheese, I turned to goat cheese. Not all goat cheese is low in sodium, and any of the herbed goat cheeses will be higher automatically. I did find 2 brands, Specially Selected (Aldi) and Silver Goat (Trader Joe's), that only have 40mg of sodium per serving, and that serving is plenty to cover a normal serving of noodles.

Simply cut the serving of chevre into the fresh made pasta and stir. Being such a soft cheese, it melts super easily. Voila! Cheesy noodles! It may not be super pretty, but it is super tasty.

Below is my (overly large because I'm sharing) serving of leftover pasta with a serving size of chevre on top. I just heat it up and stir when it's leftovers. Easy-peasy, the kids love it, and it is very low sodium!

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