Saturday, December 27, 2014

Diaper Containment Survey

** CLOSED **

Hey, readers! I need your help! I'm doing a bit of research on some cloth diapering stats, and I need you guys to answer a brief survey for me. All responses will be anonymous, and will be used in educational research. I will only be able to use the first 100 responses, and I will share the results in this same thread when I reach the maximum amount of responses. Thanks, everyone!

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Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! The results were as follows:

Out of the 21 people that said they had never experienced a blowout diaper, 12 had only used cloth diapers, and 9 had used both cloth and disposables. Also, out of those 21 people who had never experienced a blow out, there were varying responses for the final question. I fully expected to see 21 people respond they had never experienced a blowout, but the actual responses from those 21 people were as follows:

This would imply the correct (overall) percentages for the last question should be 73% experienced less blowouts in cloth, 0% experienced less in disposables, 6% experienced the same frequency in cloth and disposables, and 21% have never had a blowout.

Disclaimer: Thoughts of Fluff is responsible for the content of this post. By answering this questionnaire, you are consenting to your anonymous answers being used for educational research. Thank you for your participation.

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