Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's the word?

My little Squiggle is now 9 months old, and cruising like mad. She's cruised for a bit over a month, but she's a pro at it now. If she has a walker toy, she grabs it and is across the room. I have a feeling she will be walking much sooner than Bobble did (at 12mo).

As always, things have been crazy. While I've been reviewing a few products for you guys, most of my time was spent searching for a job and juggling ailments with my children. Squiggle ended up getting tubes placed in both ears last week for a very *VERY* bad ear infection that wouldn't go away, but they are hoping that will help a bit with her hearing (she's never passed a hearing test in her right ear).

I've faced a lot of difficult situations lately, though all hypothetical. It's difficult trying to find work knowing that it will literally change everything about how we live. There is nothing for me (professionally) where we live now, so I haven't had much of a choice but to look elsewhere and/or consider graduate school. That "elsewhere" has been pretty much everywhere. A lot of places are taking longer to get back because of the healthcare change. Places are waiting to see how it will affect them before taking on new employees. I understand that. What concerns me is moving far, far away. From the little things like "will there be a cloth diaper store near us?" to the big things "will family ever be able to visit us?", everything is dependent upon what I do (or don't) do. That's a lot of weight on one's shoulders!

Just a little update for everyone wondering what happened to us. Reviews will be coming soon, so keep an eye open!

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