Sunday, April 6, 2014

MOMables Recipe Review (3)

On to the next MOMables recipe review! This one is one of the free recipes, so it's included in the post! For more information on what MOMables are, check out my info post and giveaway HERE!

The next recipe I wanted to try out was the Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Bites recipe. I have fresh strawberries on hand, and while my little one loves to eat them by themselves, I thought it would be fun to change it up. I made this as a dessert to accompany the MOMables recipe I made for dinner last night, but that review will come later.

I don't have a food processor, but that's okay... my KitchenAid mixer will do just fine for some cream cheese and powdered sugar! I didn't buy whipped cream cheese, but I just put on the whisk attachment and let it whip the cream cheese while I cleaned the berries off and patted them dry.

Another super easy recipe in terms of prep. The longest part of this recipe? Crushing graham crackers and washing/cutting ends off strawberries. I opted to do that during nap time, so when Bobble woke up he could help me finish the snack... but Bobble skipped his nap. Instead, I just did it on my own while the munchkins were playing with hubby. Speaking of the munchkins, this is a great recipe to involve your (older) toddlers with or young children with. They will enjoy dipping strawberries or rolling them in crumbs.

I made both strawberry and blackberry cheesecake bites. They were delicious!!! Again, cell phone pictures and poor lighting mean the photos are not top quality, but the taste sure was! I actually ended up having to go and make more with the rest of the cleaned berries!

I'd love to make this with blueberries, though it would be very hard to dip those. I think, if I did blueberries, I would probably leave the graham crackers whole, spread the cream cheese mixture on the cracker, and just stick blueberries on top. Mmm. Yummy!

This is a delicious recipe and a great way to get kids to eat more fruit (if you struggle with that). You could also add this to a lunch with a little container of dip and graham cracker crumbs next to the fresh cut fruit and let them dip their own fruit however they please. (Granted, that would work best for older children.) I think this would be great to do with giant blueberries, too. Mmm, yum!

Disclosure: These opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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