Thursday, April 17, 2014

MOMables Recipe Review (8)

Anyone out there love pancakes? If you love pancakes and haven't tried crepes yet, what are you waiting for? Crepes are delicious, too! Unfortunately, finding a crepe box mix that is simply delicious isn't the easiest to do, and restaurants seem to be hit-or-miss. Lucky me, one of the MOMables recipes I got was for some Strawberry Nutella Crepes, and the crepe batter recipe it included is the best I've ever had! To learn more about MOMables (and to enter the giveaway for 3 free months!), go here!

Since this recipe is not one of the free recipes, the actual recipe itself will not be shared.

My husband is the pancake maker, so I asked him to make the crepes. (If you're curious, it's pronounced cr-eh-p... like the 'e' sound in 'text' or 'yep'. If you are saying cray-p, you are referring to a type of paper.) The best part about that (aside from having breakfast made for me) is I got to take more pictures during their creation because I was not busy!

The batter was super simple for him to make, and they were cooking before I knew it.

Strawberry nutella goodness all rolled up and ready to eat! MOMables even offered a Nutella alternative... a nut-free nutella you can make yourself! That recipe is free, so here ya go!

I devoured my crepes as quickly as they were being made, and Squiggle wanted to help, too. She cruised right over to steal my food from me! She only got pieces of crepe without anything on them, but she made no secret of the fact that she loved them!

This crepe batter was so easy and so delicious, in fact, that it inspired my husband to try and make his own beer batter from scratch that night to bread and fry fish with. (Also the best beer batter we've EVER had at home.... all thanks to MOMables inspiring him!) Overall, best crepes I've ever had (actual crepe batter), and delicious filling! These will be made again and again in this house!

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