Friday, April 4, 2014

MOMables Recipe Review (1)

This morning I made our kids the Banana & Almond Butter "Quesadillas". It was one of the lunch ideas I got as part of my trial subscription to MOMables (see my info post on MOMables and enter the giveaway here!). I thought it would work well for breakfast, so I opted to serve it for breakfast since Bobble isn't going to preschool today.

Since this recipe isn't one of the free recipes, it will not be included in the post.

I grabbed our tortillas out of the fridge, grabbed some banana and sliced that up, and heated up a pan. It was super easy to prep for this!

Honestly, the longest part of the process was heating the tortillas because I decided to try this with some thicker brand of tortilla. If I were to remake this, I would definitely either get some thinner tortillas, or fry these up instead of just warming them.

 When it was done, I just slid it onto a (non-plastic) plate, sprinkled with topping, and sliced using a pizza slicer. I have a feeling I should have used smaller tortilla since it suggested cutting into 4ths, but at least the whole family had enough!

And that was it! Super easy, delicious, and ready for my toddler to devour!

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