Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rumparooz fit chunky babies!

Since starting my cloth diapering journey, I have tried various brands of diapers and used them on two very differently shaped children. Bobble was born a month premature, and never really chunked up with rolls, though he did start to show signs that he was a very solid child after he started packing on his weight. He never was fat/chubby, but he is a very... well.... solid kid. (No, not even "big boned"... he's just a bit thicker than average children, but still skinny/all muscle, if that makes sense).

Let's just throw a few pictures of Bobble up from over the years to give you an idea:

Bobble at 5 days old, nearing 6 lbs

Bobble at 6 months old

Bobble at 14 months
See? Thick, but not chubby.

Then there is Squiggle. She is a ball of chub, and I love it! Very different from my son, and the diapers fit her very differently. She is the first I diapered from birth. And for proof I didn't give birth to a little buddha, here is a picture of her in a newborn Lil Joeys diaper from Rumparooz:

Squiggle at 3 days old - born at 7lb 7.5oz

Squiggle at 6m (in a RAR cover over a thick fitted -- night time diaper!)
Squiggle in a RAR pocket at 9mo - 23lb and wearing a 2T for girth (definitely not height!)

Squiggle in a RAR pocket at 9mo - 23lb and wearing a 2T for girth (definitely not height!)

Squiggle in a RAR pocket at 9mo - 23lb and wearing a 2T for girth (definitely not height!)
In that last picture above, she has 4 snaps at the hip snaps undone, and 2 or 3 of the waist snaps undone. There are PLENTY more snaps to use, and the rise is even snapped down one! We've never had them leak on us, either.

So, after sharing the diversity that was my diapering experiences, I must say that I'm astonished people still say Rumparooz diapers do not fit chubby babies. They fit Squiggle well, and she's a chunk! There is a lovely video that was put out by Rumparooz to help you get a good fit, which I will share below:

Also, a few pointers:

ALWAYS pull that thigh chub out of diapers!
  • It doesn't matter what the brand or style of diaper is, the thighs should not be in them! The diaper should rest on baby where your underwear or swimsuit would rest on you (well, not boy-cut undies, but you get my point, I think).

Pull up on the diaper and on the diaper tabs, NOT the diaper AND insert!
  • The material on the Rumparooz is very stretchy, and will easily stretch to accommodate even the pudgiest of babies. If you are trying to pull the insert along with the diaper, you're limiting yourself with fit as the inserts are not stretchy
Enjoy, and happy diapering!


  1. I've been looking for a good chunky monkey diaper!

  2. My days of cloth diapering are over butI had to say your babies are adorable!

  3. I must agree with FarmerGirl! Cutest kids everrrr! I am so glad that I took your advice and got a RAR to start my stash! I keep looking only at one size diapers, although I did get a newborn Blueberry cover on Ebay last week since it was cheap. What I really want to know is, do I NEED newborn diapers?

    1. I would get NB diapers. They fit newborns so much better than a OS diaper ever will. That, and even though you only use them for a short period of time, you only use them for a short period of time! You can sell them for a just a couple dollars cheaper than what you paid because of that. Totally worth it.