Monday, April 7, 2014

MOMables Recipe Review (4)

For dinner the other night, I made Green Goddess Grilled Cheese. Another delicious MOMables recipe! For more information on what MOMables are, check out my info post and giveaway HERE!

Since this recipe is not one of the free recipes, the actual recipe itself will not be shared.

I'm going to share the MOMables picture of the sandwich first because, well, it's simply a much higher quality picture.

The recipe looked super easy (after all, it's a sandwich!), but tasted like it should have had a lot more work put into it. I used a lot more spinach in our sandwiches than was shown in the MOMables picture, but we are pretty big spinach fans in this house.

Everyone devoured it. My toddler ate every last bite, which was surprising since he isn't the biggest fan of sandwiches. Rather, he likes the ingredients, but he normally picks them apart to make a big mess. Bobble ate this as a proper sandwich.

If I change anything about this sandwich, I might add some grilled portobella mushrooms to it. Being picky like I am, however, they would have to be grilled. I think this would be a fabulous recipe to accompany grilled veggies anyway, so this spring/summer, I might throw some of these together while hubby grills some corn or zucchini, and have him throw a few portobella caps on the grill, too. All in all, this was definitely another MOMables recipe win!

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