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When it comes to summer reading indie authors offer a refreshing alternative to predictable plots from big name writers. Here’s a list of ten titles from emerging indie authors, pick your favorite and vote on Facebook HERE

As Iraq teeters on civil war, and climate change becomes more obvious every day, ELECTED imagines another history of the 21st Century … one with gasless cars, but without the war in Iraq – in a book readers are finishing in one sitting and starting over again.

More About the Book
“The style was fresh, the writing slick and fast-paced, with witty dialogue and delightful details that gave realistic characterization and narration. Travis’ creative liberties added an original kick, but did not stray so far from what happened in history to make it seem like two different Americas. The progression of the novel
was noteworthy, I like the way the characters develop and change throughout the period of time that elapsed. One of my favorite things about the novel was the international scope, which still plays a huge part of American politics.”
Read the reviews on by Amazon readers, more about the author and other books by Cathy Travis.
Special Must-Read Price Cut: E-book was $5.00 and is now .99 cents!

Every book on our Nation’s recent financial collapse strives to explain how it happened, Vile Acts of Evil explains why, and why every American should pay very close attention.

More About The Book
"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."  Gloria Steinem's glorious adage appears in the Preface of Michael Kirchubel's Vile Acts of Evil - Banking in America for good reason: This work is certain to anger you because the truth is far worse than anything you could have ever imagined. “Vile Acts of Evil” is the worker's guide to the history of American banking. This is the real story of money, greed, and power in America.  The book's format is unique: quotes from newspapers, historians, economists, bankers, and political figures drive the story line and alternate with Kirchubel's insightful, clarifying commentary.  The result is a lively and surprisingly captivating conversation on the true, unseen causes of our nation's major calamities: the recessions, depressions, panics, wars, foreclosures, and bailouts.  This is a totally new analysis of our American economic and political history, from colonial times to today, complete with simple recommendations for preventing further calamities. Vile Acts of Evil is truly a modern-day Rosetta Stone, a powerful, interpretive, clarifying lens through which all historical, economic, and political works must now be reviewed and every American's comfortable, well-worn political convictions re-examined.

Special Must-Read Price Cut Price is currently $20.66, which is 10% off on or $9.99 on Kindle.

One Man & One Woman by Daniel Archangel
With the U.S. Supreme Court dodging the chance to define “marriage” in the law, this ultra-realistic legal drama engages the reader to tackle the issue head-on.
More About The Book 
Who Decides What Makes a Marriage? In a tale that ends the marriage debate, One Man & One Woman goes beyond ceremonies, vows, celebrations and gifts to delve into what a marriage truly means to those who enter into it. Read more about the author, Daniel Archangel.

Special Must-Read Price Cut! If you like thematic fiction, buy One Man & One Woman and receive a free PDF EBook of any other novel by Daniel Archangel (see Amazon) or trade paperback for just $5 (plus $4 S&H). Order from Liveware Publishing directly or send your Amazon receipt to take advantage of this offer.

Just when I thought I had figured out what comes next, JD Young throws a curve that I never expected and could not wait for more - it is wicked good reading.

More About The Book
Young does a very good job telling a well-rounded story; giving you bits and pieces, hints of connections here and there, but not enough for you to figure things out until he wants you to. I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from Young and I hope this is only the beginning of Simon's story!

Special Must-Read Price Cut: E-books are .99 - regularly 2.99 - paperback signed by author $4.99 regularly $10.00 (order from the author for discount)

If your favorite activity in the summer is to be with a captivating book, curled up under the beach umbrella or on the mossy rock by the river or anywhere that is alone, then this summer's list will surely include William Kenly's "The Dogs of Luck, Comic Confessions From Warren PA, Corporate America and Family Life".

More About The Book 
Kenly is a writer; he's got that mysterious thing analogous to perfect pitch. Kenly's writing flows with the natural ease of a conversation with an old friend. His story unrolls with its own momentum. (Kenly) did a great job of capturing and holding my attention. I enjoyed reading about life growing up in Pennsylvania. The Boy Scouts, the river, the Christmas trees all seemed so familiar to me. There are so many things that we could do as kids that no one would get away with now. I also enjoyed reading about "life in corporate America" (particularly things I never knew about the men's room) and I loved, loved, loved reading about the adventure to Russia. I felt I was right there in with him. The chapter "Sign Posts on the Journey" was one
of my favorite chapters. It was a magical, wondrous chapter full of wisdom and insight. So much was said in that chapter in a simple and profound way. The book is a sophisticated mixture of happiness, sadness, beauty, comedy, and philosophy that grabbed at my emotions and brought me to many different levels at the same time. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in reading something that is light and funny in some parts while, at the same time, provides you with food for thought. A+++

Adventures Unfold With the Question: “What if…?”

More About The Book 
Raised in the forest alone by his father after a series of misfortunes turned their family’s life upside down, Robert’s life experience isn’t typical. But now, at the age of thirteen, it’s time for him to go out into the wider world. With only his native intelligence and the wisdom his father has imparted to him, Robert entered the
American lifestyle in 1969. Always guided by his father’s principle that when faced with a difficult decision, he should stop and ask himself “What if…?” Robert navigates a world full of people whose motives are less than pure, and finds friends who will last a lifetime. Follow Robert from the wilderness of Colorado to the wild side of Woodstock; from the back of a VW van to a safe haven with a family he never expected; from rags to riches; and from living outside the world to finding a secure place and identity for himself. Colorado to Woodstock and Back Again will prove to you, as well as to Robert, that “if” is at the center of “life”!
You can also find the book at Barnes & Noble!
Special Must-Read Price Cut: Available on Kindle and Nook for just $3.99

This is a love story of MAGNIFICENT aspirations: after seven years of searching, a Arkansas farm girl reunites with the young Chicago engineer who, on a two-hour plane ride, inspired her to dance -- reunites with him, that is, just as her star shoots on Broadway.
More About The Book 
"FIVE STARS! I really enjoyed this tale. Philip Kraske is a talented author having created two diverse but fascinating characters."-- Ann Boling for Readers Favorite Awards, awarding the top five-star rating to "The
Magnificent Mary Ann"
"Consummate craftsmanship....a great read."--David Shea.

Slum is page-turning adventure-romance that will make you want to read even more after the final page, and happily there's a sequel, Slum Song.
More About The Book 
The 2013 Eric Hoffer Awards honored Slum as a finalist for the Montaigne Medal, awarded to “the most thought- provoking book.” Slum was also a finalist for the First Horizon Award, given to “superior work by debut authors.” In addition, Slum made the short list for the grand prize.
Special Must-Read Price Cut: Just 99 cents on Kindle and Nook

The best way to have a relaxing summer is to get rid of your stress.
More About The Book 
I buy Tom's books because I've known him for a few decades. I read his books because they offer practical solutions to everyday living situations we all face. Stress Free Living published at a time where there were extensive personnel being made at my company. His advice was timely, practical and got me through the transition with grace and clear thinking. Buy it. Read it. You can also visit Thomas Mayberry's website for more information.
Special Must-Read Price Cut: E-book was $2.99 and is now 99 cents. Paperback was $9.99 and is now $6.99.

A story about the killing of landlords in New York.
More About The Book 
After more than forty years of practicing psychiatry, Dr. David Peretz has turned to a life of crime (fiction, that is). VENGEANCE OUT OF THE SHADOWS is the third in his Ross Cortese NYPD series. Be sure to follow David Peretz on Facebook.

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Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller Giveaway!

It's summertime and most of us will be on the Go! What better way to take your little one everywhere you head off to this summer than in a Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller.

Welcome to the Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller Giveaway Event!
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First thing you notice when you open up the box is this techy looking super strong rectangle aluminum frame attached to the cleanest looking fabric ever!
Available in Joovy's bestselling colors, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black.
Pop the huge canopy open and step back... you are the proud owner of the best looking and most functional umbrella stroller available today at any price.

The Best Part! You get to enter to win one here! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win! 

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Good Luck!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

On-the-go with Earth's Best

Need some quick toddler snack ideas? Earth's Best has their Happy Snax Whole Grain Cereal Snacks for your munchkins (and you!)! They have a smiley face shape that makes it fun for little ones, and you'll be smiling knowing they are getting 12 grams of whole grains, 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber per serving and 25% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C.


Making your kids happy with a healthy snack is awesome, but what about mom and dad? These are delicious snacks for them too! (Seriously... they are very yummy!) The Happy Snax are made with organic ingredients, meaning they are grown without any potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides. They are also specially formulated with an excellent source of iron, zinc, and six B Vitamins. Earth's Best Happy Snax, like all the other Earth's Best products, do not contain any artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, nor do they have any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

With two delicious flavours, Graham and Apple Cinnamon, you can have a yummy snack for all palates. The Graham flavour is a simple, delicious, snack that tastes just like a graham cracker. The Apple Cinnamon had a surprisingly strong apple taste it had in such a little nibble of a snack!

These snacks make great snacks for car rides or just to grab on your way out the door to one of the many sporting events at your child's school. They come in resealable canisters that hold 2.6 oz, so they are a great travel size! Just grab the container, slip into the pocket of a diaper bag (or other similar bag), and go!

Look for Earth's Best Happy Snax at a grocer near you that carries Earth’s Best products, or you can use the Earth’s Best Store Locator to find a location near you! You can also order them online at the Earth’s Best Store, from, any other online retailers where you can buy Earth’s Best products!

Disclosure: I receive sample(s) for the purpose of testing and review. These opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunny Days Snack Bars Giveaway

Would you like to try the Sunny Days Cereal Bars from Earth's Best? Here's your chance! Enter below and you could win! (Open to U.S. only.)

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Disclosure: Thoughts of Fluff is not responsible for prize shipment. 

Earth's Best to the rescue!

Many times I find myself hungry while we are going somewhere. This happens to adults a lot (especially us very pregnant adults!), and undoubtedly happens to our munchkins too. If you're like me, you aren't going to buy them fast food (or you reeeeeeeeeeally don't want to!), but you want them to be able to eat something until you get to your destination. Enter Earth’s Best!  They have you covered with their Sunny Days Snack Bars that don’t have any of that bad stuff (artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup), but have plenty of good stuff like vitamins, organic ingredients, and a wholesome cereal crust.
I’m sure many of us have tried something similar to these snack bars… a cereal crust and a fruit-filled center. These snacks, part of the Sesame Street Healthy Habits for Life snacks, are the perfect snack for a lunch box, for on the road, or just for a little treat at home! With delicious flavours like Apple and Strawberry to pick from, you can be assured that your child will get the deliciousness of real fruits in this snack without having to worry about washing the fruit off, having it spoil, or being out of season! Each box has 8 yummy, individually wrapped bars, so you have plenty for snacks throughout the week, and even one to sneak for yourself!
 Bobble is a huge fan of these cereal bars now. (He didn't used to be because he had an issue with a "sticky" center.) I keep a couple of each flavour in our diaper bag or car, and we have some on hand at home for those times when he just can't wait to eat what is being cooked and needs something now! Any little one that likes either of those flavours (and isn’t opposed to ‘sticky’ fillings!) will love these yummy little bars! Best of all, they are the perfect size for little ones to enjoy! The only thing that could make these better is if they had more flavours (like blueberry... yum!).
You can find Sunny Days Snack Bars, along with many other Earth’s Best products, online at the Earth’s Best Store, from, many other online retailers, or you can use the Earth’s Best Store Locator to find a retailer near you!

Enter for your chance to win some HERE!
Disclosure: The product mentioned above was sent to me by the company in exchange for a review. This did not influence my opinion of the product in any way. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mama Bird's Place

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a brick & mortar parenting store near by. Shopping for diapers online can be difficult for people just starting out, as well as anything else "fluffy" or "crunchy" (i.e. diaper detergent, wipes, wet bags, baby carriers.... you get the idea!).

I am very fortunate to have had a store open up within driving distance. Mama Bird's Place is located in Wooster, OH and is a great store for your natural parenting needs! The store is actually moving down the street shortly, so I'll spare you the confusion of adding an address at this moment, but it's a great thing they are moving because they already outgrew their shop!

I snapped a few pictures of their goods (which includes some locally made/WAHM items), and also went in there for some advice on a few things like how to use a sling carrier (since I had always used soft structured carriers. In fact, if you looked at my Balboa Sling Review, you'll see some of their stock in the background as those photos were taken in their store!

A bit of background info on Mama Bird's Place can be found on their "about" page, so please go meet the ladies behind the store!

They are more than just a store to go and get a hands-on feel for different items, though. They have a great deal of knowledge of many different diapers (and all sorts of other products, too!), and have held Cloth 101 classes to help people interested in cloth diapering.

If you are semi-close to Wooster, I highly recommend taking a drive out that way to check out their shop. Children are more than welcome, and it's rare they don't have their own children there! That might be my favorite thing about the store is how child-friendly it is. I can go there and Bobble will play with the toys they have while I browse. I don't have to worry about anyone giving me dirty looks because my toddler decided to run around like a little crazy person for a bit!

If you don't happen to live near by, Mama Bird's Place has an etsy shop for the lovely handmade items that you might be seeking, or a bigcartel store for the other items you want! Both links can be found on their "Store" page.

If you don't see something you are looking for (especially if they already carry that brand), ask. Odds are, they can try to get it for you next order (if it's available for them to get!). Talk about great customer service!

I love Mama Bird's Place, and I can't wait to see how they grow in the future! Love supporting the small businesses!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prodromal Labour

For anyone wondering what happened to me.. you know, posting a couple giveaways and then disappearing... two words for you:

I'd like to state right now that I had never heard that term in my life before the other day. I've been to the hospital 3 times now. The first time I didn't feel like I needed to go in, but called just in case since my contractions were 3 minutes apart and lasting at least a minute. They told me to come in just to be checked. That "just to be checked" turned into 4 hours. Why? Don't know. It just did.

The next visit was this past Tuesday. I called because I was having contractions close together, lasting a while, and cramping. They wanted me to go in to be checked. Again, this took 4 hours. While I was there, they were astounded. They couldn't believe my contractions were that close together, that long, and yet I was having literally ZERO progress. Upon discharge, I was told that normally they would say to come in if your contractions are 3min apart and lasting 50-70 seconds... but mine were 3min apart and lasting 60-120 seconds... but yet I wasn't progressing.

Of course, I could only ask them one question: When DO I come in, then?

They didn't know what to tell me other than "if they get stronger" or "if your water breaks".

Talk about frustrating!

The next day my midwife was leaving town and wanted to know if the contractions had let up any. I told her they hadn't, and that I had barely gotten any sleep. Most of the night I felt nauseated, and I simply couldn't sleep through the pain in my back. She wanted me to go in and get checked should she need to pop in before leaving town.

This "getting checked" turned into a FIVE hour visit. Just like the day before, as soon as I got there, my pain got severely worse. So weird it didn't hurt like that at home. So very weird.

Upon arrival, they told me I was 1cm more dilated than I was the day before. I was now at 4cm. That's a GOOD sign, right? Except... my midwife was now out of town and wouldn't be back until next week. They said they'd monitor me in an hour and a half, then check me 30min after that. Until then, I should either rest (since I couldn't sleep the night before), or move around.

They came back to monitor me, then checked me. No progress still. They left to call my midwife and came back to discharge me, but saw me in tears I was in so much pain. This is new to me... I delivered Bobble without pain medication and it was relatively pain free... why do these contractions hurt so badly? I finally caved and agreed to accept a shot of painkiller in my hip. The midwife (who is fairly anti-interventions) suggested it. That fact alone, coupled with the fact she said I would either wake up and be in labour, or wake up and the contractions would have died off and I would be rested... yeah. That was enough for me. I was in severe pain.

I hated taking the painkiller. I'm very anti-medicines. I don't take anything but a children's chewable tylenol (ONE of them!) if I have a migraine, much less painkillers like they gave me. I'm also very anti-interventions (medicinal, surgical, etc.) unless absolutely necessary... but when I found myself contemplating how nice a c-section would be comparatively, I decided I should probably take the shot. It's supposed to wear off after a few hours anyway. It was called Nubane, and it's a medicine that they give to people recovering from surgery to help with pain. It's still medicine, and I still hated the fact I was going to take it.

I got the shot.

Ready for the irony? I COULDN'T SLEEP THROUGH THE BACK PAIN... after the shot. Yes. That's how much it was actually hurting. The nurses couldn't believe I wasn't asleep 2+ hours later. I was not in crying pain anymore, and the pain was manageable.. but it still hurt enough to where I couldn't sleep. Why on earth WAS this?!

They checked me one last time and said there was no cervical change, so it was just prodromal labour. They felt bad for me. Heck, *I* felt bad for me at this point! I was told a big part of this issue is the way the baby is positioned. She isn't facing front or back, she has her back along my side. She's engaged, but not turned properly. Once she turns, it's likely smooth sailing from there... unless she turns to be sunnyside-up, of course.

I came home and complained to my husband about the pain. I didn't understand why these contractions weren't so easy like with Bobble. The whole drive home I had contractions, but they were not really a bother. I thought nothing of it.

That whole night, I laid on my side or sat up doing whatever we were doing. I had plenty of contractions. They weren't really a bother. Again, I thought nothing of it.

My husband was conversing with an friend (who happens to be a midwife) who said she went through this personally... and mentioned that a lot of times that pain (that I described... on ONE side of my back in ONE spot) can be caused from reclining. I decided to sleep on the couch that night instead of in the La-Z-Boy like I had been the last couple of weeks (which was comfy, actually... I slept there in the last month or so of my pregnancy with Bobble).

I woke up every hour to two hours, but at least that meant I was sleeping at least an hour to two hours at a time. That was vast improvement from the 3 hours of horribly broken sleep the night before.

I decided to either stay on my side (lie on the couch) or sit throughout the whole morning as Bobble played. I played with him from the couch. I had plenty of contractions, but no pain. At one point near lunch time, I said slightly reclined on my couch for maybe 5 minutes. I started having horrible pains in my back and tailbone again. I laid back down. They went away.

Then I realized something. The contractions were not what was painful, or they would have been bothering me this whole time. Most of the time I don't even notice them... not unless my hand is on my stomach when they happen. The pain being severe at the hospital? they had me reclining in a hospital bed while monitoring me. They monitored me as soon as I got there for 20 minutes, then unhooked me... but that's why it hurt so bad nearly immediately upon arrival... I was reclining immediately upon arrival!

I'm so thankful that midwife friend of my husband's said something about that... I don't know how much pain I'd be in right now if she hadn't.

Of course, that leaves us with where I am now: 38w1d pregnant. At least it's much more manageable without that pain! I never made it this far with Bobble (he was born at 36w), so this is all new to me. Late pregnancy AND with a very active toddler at that!

So now you know where I've been. I hope you are enjoying the giveaways, and keep your eyes peeled for a few reviews (and maybe some giveaways, too!) from some awesome companies coming up!

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Summer Must-haves from Kelly's Closet

 *Post contains Affiliate links*

With the hot weather upon us, playtime in water is inevitable with little ones! Between water play and summer travel, parents stay pretty busy this time of year! Kelly's Closet has what you need to help get you through the summer!

Kelly's Closet has posted their top 5 summer must haves (follow link in graphic below) here:

Here are a few other things you will want to consider taking with you either on your summer adventures!

A Baby Carrier!

Whether you're heading on vacation or just heading out of the house for a bit, it's a good idea to have a baby carrier with you. Whether you have an infant or a toddler, a baby carrier will get you through the day! 

Easier to pack than a stroller, a carrier, be it wrap or soft structured carrier, will help when your little one just can't go any further. (Any parents that went to an aquarium, the zoo, or even a nice hike will attest to that!) Not only can you keep your little one close to you, but if they want to get back down later on, you don't have a huge stroller to push around, empty!

Onya Baby Cruiser

The Onya Baby Cruiser can hold to 75 lbs, and has a sleep hood you can tuck away. This doesn't have to be just for sleep, though... you can use it to shield baby from the hot sun above if you forget your little one's hat!


The MobyGO is a NEW (from the same company that brought you the MobyWrap) soft-structured carrier that will hold to 45 lbs. This also has a lovely sleep hood (or sun-hood)!

Cloth Wipes!

Yes, cloth wipes! They are great for more than just wiping bottoms! With so many different types of wipes available, you can fit what you're looking for for any occasion! Wiping sand off of your munchkin with wipes can be more convenient than a towel, because you won't be trying to dry off later with a cloth wipe (thus getting sand all over you or your little one!). They are also great for all those sticky messes that popsicles and ice cream can create. On longer car rides, they can be life savers! Everything from drying tears, wiping noses, cleaning up messy faces, and wiping up spit-up... you'll find yourself thankful you packed extra! If you have a toddler like I do, you'll also be thankful you had extra on hand to wipe up what he decided to throw on the floor of your van or into the window (because we all love to see pretty patterns on the window, right?).

Grovia Cloth Wipes
Grovia wipes are great to keep on hand for many uses. They are great for everything from faces to messes. (Terry-fabric)
Thirsties Fab Wipes
Thirsties Fab Wipes are my favorite all-around wipe. I love keeping them on hand because it doesn't matter what the situation is that I need a wipe for, I am always pleased with the results from the fab wipes. (One side velour, one side microfleece)

Itti Bitti Ultimate Wipes
The Itti Bitti Ultimate wipes are by far the largest wipes I have tried, and definitely the softest. They are perfect for faces and hands! (Both sides velour)

For a more detailed comparison and breakdown of the wipes above (more pictures, too!) and of many other wipes you can purchase from Kelly's Closet, check out my Cloth Wipe Review.

Enter for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Kelly's Closet below! Looking to place an order sooner? Take advantage of this special coupon code (you won't find it on their website!):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and may be different from yours. All wipes mentioned in this post and in the Cloth Wipe Review were purchased by me. Thoughts Of Fluff is not responsible for prize fulfillment from Kelly's Closet.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tiny Victories

I was very nervous about the last month of this pregnancy. Namely that Squiggle would try to come before 36w, which would mean she would be flown to the nearest Children's Hospital. I am now 3 days away from being 36w, and I feel sooooo much better. I am just thrilled I've made it until June! It's the tiny victories that matter, sometimes.

Everything seems to be going well, though I am nearly at my wit's end with Bobble. Yes, I know he's a 2 year old. Yes, I know he will push limits... but really? Does he HAVE to dump his toys repeatedly (after we just put them away..... again), throw things at us, hit/kick us, and then look at us waiting for us to tell him not to do something (i.e. turning off the PS3... which is the only way we have any television programming [netflix] or can watch videos) then grin mischievously and do the sloooooow reach for the button. He will pause, wait for us to tell him not to do it, grin, then do it and either hide, or turn it back on and then off again repeatedly. Yes yes... boundaries and all that... but give mom a break... she's already exhausted!

I could really do without the hitting and kicking, too. It's still something he only does either TO us, or to other little kids when we (mom/dad) are around. He's very obedient for anyone and everyone else. Go figure.

I hope you all are enjoying the start to your summer! I could have done without being laid off... especially since I was the income in the house, and I am the insurance carrier... but what can ya do. At least I get to relax the rest of my pregnancy (as much as Bobble will LET me relax, anyway!). The job hunting will start sometime next month. Oh, joy.

Well, there's my brief check-in for you all. Thought you might want to know how things were going on this end. I hope you are all taking advantage of the big giveaway going on this month on my blog! I see a lot of people are already entered in the (Un)Baby Shower giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for!? :)