Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Earth's Best Disposable Diapers

The following review was written by a guest-blogger, Deanne.
After reading the package of the Earth’s Bestdisposable diapers and looking at the Earth’s Best website, I was pretty excited to try the diapers out on my baby. 

While I most often use cloth on my son, we do sometimes use disposables while we are going to be out of the house or for the church nursery on Sundays. Most of the diapers we have tried, either give Eli a rash, or they just don’t absorb enough pee! The Earth’s Best website says that their diapers are “chlorine-free, are made with fewer petro-chemicals, are latex and dye-free and contain natural materials such as wheat and corn”. So that, along with the suggested retail price, made me think that these must be WAY better than the diapers we have been using. 

With much anticipation, I opened the package of diapers and pulled one out. I was immediately a little disappointed. It looked just like the “cheapie” store-brand diapers you can get at Wal-mart or Target. I pulled the diaper open and sniffed it. It smelled just like a “cheapie” diaper too! You know that smell…kind of like formaldehyde? Now, I don’t know if there is actually formaldehyde in these diapers or even other brands, all I know is that “cheapie” diapers have that smell. I decided to try them out on Eli anyway. 
I put the diaper on, and since I have a somewhat skinny baby, I tried to overlap the tabs. They would NOT stick at all! The side panels of the diaper are nice and stretchy though, so I just didn’t pull them as tight and stuck the tabs down on the “strip” on the diaper instead. They stuck, but not as tight as some other brands I have used. It still fit well enough on my skinny babe, and there were no gaps around his legs. I would say that these diapers fit true to the weight range on the package. Eli is about 16lbs and I used a size 3 diaper on him, which says it fits from 16-28lbs.
A few hours later, before Eli’s nap, I changed him and was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t sopping wet! Normally, if I leave him in a disposable diaper for more than an hour, the diaper is either bulging with pee, or his clothes are already wet. After a few more changes throughout the day, the Earth’s Best diapers continued to prove themselves to be super absorbent. During the week that we used them, we only had 2 leaks, both of which were caused by Eli drinking a huge amount of liquids. He also did not break out in any rashes during our trial run!

So in conclusion, this is my list of pros and cons for Earth’s Best Chlorine Free diapers:
  • No chlorine
  • Fewer petro-chemicals
  • Dye and Perfume-Free
  • Super absorbent
  • Didn’t cause a rash
  • Tabs do not overlap for skinny babies
  • Looks cheap
  • Smells cheap
  • Has a high price-tag  
I would not personally buy these diapers again, as they are just out of my price-range. But, if you are very concerned about chlorine, dye and perfume, and you aren’t concerned about price, these might be a good buy for you! 

 Disclosure: Sample(s) were received for the purpose of testing and review, but this did not sway the opinion on the products. These opinions are Deanne's own and may differ from those of your own.


  1. I would like to try these . We mostly use cloth . These would work great for summer outings.

  2. These sound like a good alternative for when using our cloth diapers just isn't feasible. I really appreciate products that contain fewer chemicals, dyes, and perfumes!