Thursday, May 30, 2013

Earth's Best Chlorine Free Wipes (Review)

The following review was written by a guest-blogger, Deanne.

We usually buy a popular name-brand baby wipe, that is perfume-free for Eli. He has sensitive skin, so we try to avoid things like perfume and dyes that could irritate him. I’ve been happy with my wipe. It didn’t smell weird, it was nice and thick, it got the job done with just one or two wipes. That was BEFORE I tried the Earth’s Best ChlorineFree Baby Wipes though!

The website says that these wipes are “chlorine free and alcohol free” which is great for Eli’s sensitive skin. They are also free of perfumes. After pulling a wipe out of the pop-up box, I immediately noticed how soft and thick they were. They were plenty wet enough, too, where my previous favorite wipe tended to be a little dry until you got to the bottom of the container. The Earth’s Best wipes also contain an aloe vera and vitamin E formula to help protect baby’s skin. It makes the wipes feel “lotiony”, which I loved.

These wipes clean so well, I consistently only had to use one wipe for dirty diaper clean-up! This means that even though the wipes are a little more expensive than other brands, it is more acceptable, since you end up using less of them per diaper change. They also worked great for washing faces and hands, and since there is no alcohol in them, they won’t cause chapped cheeks! Overall, I absolutely loved these wipes and can’t think of anything bad to say about them.

 Disclosure: Sample(s) were received for the purpose of testing and review, but this did not sway the opinion on the products. These opinions are Deanne's own and may differ from those of your own.

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  1. These sound fantastic! As a child care provider I've noticed in the past that "green" wipes often feel more rough and tend to dry out babies' skin. I'm really interested in trying these after reading your review!