Wednesday, December 26, 2012


First, let me start off by hoping everyone enjoyed their holiday (whichever one you might celebrate!), and I hope everyone had a safe and uneventful trip if you traveled!

Our holiday worked out much differently than anticipated. Bobble had a very sad  looking rash on his bottom on Monday night (Monday the 17th), and by Tuesday afternoon it was quite apparent he had gotten Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. The poor boy was COVERED. We contacted family and opted to hold off with any visiting.

He was much better by the weekend, but still had spots (so still contagious). Either way, I was glad we didn't travel.... I ended up with the Flu on Friday! My goodness, did my body hurt to be awake! Mostly my hips and spine ached, but all of my muscles/joints ached... those were just the worse! By Saturday I was doing much better, but had a spot on my hand. Sunday I woke up to see it was quite obvious that my immune system being down opened the door for me to also get HFM.

Today my HFM is nearly gone. The spots aren't really easily visible anymore (I was so thankful I got it so mildly!).... but I woke up with a COLD!


It's just one thing after another for this house.... especially me! Being pregnant really kicks your immune system down a notch, and if you get one thing, watch out! When my already weakened immune system (from pregnancy) was hit with that flu, then it was all over. I got what Bobble had, then I got that blasted cold..... and I'm hoping the cold is really the end of it!

On the bright side, Bobble thoroughly enjoyed his holiday this year! He actually participated in the unwrapping of presents this time, and loved every minute of it. In fact, he wanted to unwrap all the presents.... including his daddy's.

Other than that, I must say that everything was really just another day. I guess that's what happens when you don't go see family or anything. We ordered Chinese for dinner and enjoyed watching a movie and eating some delicious food that we didn't have to clean up after (because we didn't cook!).

I'm able to write this midday since we are getting pounded with snow and I had to leave work early. That, and it's nap time for Bobble. Lucky you!

How was your holiday? Did you do anything fun? Different? Unexpected?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Earth's Best Jarred Foods (food safety)

Being a big fan of baby-led weaning, I admittedly had limited knowledge on jarred baby foods. As you might know from previous posts, I have had experience with some food pouches (especially as of late!), but I've never gone out and purchased a jar of baby food for Bobble. Never.


Earth's Best recently sent me a couple jars of baby food (they have LOTS of flavours of jarred foods!), and, admittedly, I stared at them with no idea what to do. I didn't really want to spoon feed them to my toddler (nor did I think he'd be a fan of that idea), but I still wanted to use them. One of the jars, Apple & Blueberry puree, sounded like a winner. Then I realized something! I could mix the jarred fruit purees in with some greek yogurt for Bobble! He loves yogurt! Still, I wanted to see if he liked the flavour of the food first, so I popped open the jar (took a taste myself -- yum!) and grabbed a spoon.

Bobble was watching a show since I had been switching over the laundry, so he was preoccupied when I went in there. I got a spoonful and tried to get it in his mouth. He kept turning his head, but finally took a small taste since I told him he could keep watching his show if he tasted it. He loved it. I let him have a little bit more, but didn't realize I was actually doing something that wasn't exactly 'safe'.

Like I said before, I never had purchased baby food JARS, and it never dawned on me that there would be rules for how to use them. Sure, I knew you shouldn't let them sit out after opening, and I figured you should throw them out if not used within a couple of days of opening.... but some of it I just never thought of.... like washing the jar and lid of the container before opening it. Sure, thinking back, that makes sense. Who knows what could have touched it when stocking the shelves! Also, it's recommended that you spoon food into a bowl instead of feeding directly from the jar. Another thing I completely didn't do. Oops.

Check out Earth's Best's post on Keeping Baby Food Safe to make sure you're keeping your little one's food safe!

As far as the debate over jarred food or pouches of food, I think I've learned that there is a place for jarred food in our household. For the most part, pouches are best for us since we usually just keep them on hand for on-the-go situations. I really like the idea of having the jars (of fruit) on hand to mix into yogurt, though. You could also use those for adding to cakes, muffins, breads, etc., and have more flavour and moisture! (Not to mention more vitamins!!!)

Were you aware of the ways to keep jarred food safe?

Disclosure: The product mentioned above was provided to me by Earth’s Best for review. This did not influence my opinion of the product in any way. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

Earth's Best Holiday Travel Gift Guide Giveaway

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Earth's Best Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Looking to make holiday travel a bit easier on you or a loved one? Earth's Best has put together a great holiday travel gift guide that will help you find everything you need to keep everyone happy from single-serve snacks, on-the-go pouches, and other great snacks, to an easy (and environmentally friendly) clean-up option with their awesome Chlorine-Free Nursery Wipes.

For little ones that love snacking away, you've got options like Happy Snax (in Cinnamon or Apple) and Veggie Crunchin' Crackers.

For infants or toddlers that can feed themselves, you've got Fruit & Grain Purees, or the delicious Greek Yogurt Smoothies.

Looking for something a bit more.... contained? Try the Sunny Days Snack bars in Strawberry or Apple. Individually wrapped bars keep fresh longer, and are the perfect size for those little hands!

Clean up will be a breeze with the Chlorine-free Nursery wipes. Packaged in a travel-sized bundle of 20, you can rest assured that you will clean up safely and efficiently with these wipes made from all-natural materials. They are biodegradable and have a lovely natural lavender and lemongrass scent.

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Earth's Best Pouches Sampler Pack (Giveaway)

Looking to try out some different Earth's Best Pouches? Check out my review HERE, and enter the giveaway below, and you just might win them!

Disclosure: The product mentioned above was provided to me by Earth’s Best for review. This did not influence my opinion of the product in any way. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

Earth's Best Pouched Products (Review)

Many of you are familiar with store-bought baby food being available in both pouch and jar form now. Earth's Best sent me a variety of their pouches to review, and I'm happy to say these have been fantastic for us!

If you remember correctly, I am a big fan of baby-led weaning, and didn't want to be feeding my child purees. With Bobble pushing 2 years old, however, I've had to get more creative. Grabbing an Earth's Best Greek Yogurt pouch and chasing him down to squeeze some in his mouth before he runs over to his cars or blocks has become fairly common. He loves yogurt, and he loves eating... but he loves playing more. While he knows how to feed himself, sitting him in a chair to eat is more likely to find me cleaning yogurt out of his hair, the curtains, and the carpet than it making it into his belly if he is in that playful mood. Thank goodness for these pouches!

While we get Bobble to eat table food most of the time, sometimes it's simply a losing battle. Trucks are more interesting. His balls are more interesting. Heck, the cats are more interesting! When it's time to eat and he simply isn't going to sit still, at least I know if I grab an Earth's Best Organic pouch that he'll be getting healthy food that is free of all those nasty things (like antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, GMOs, etc.) and full of everything this super busy toddler needs (wholesome grains, organic fruits and veggies, plentiful vitamins and minerals).

Sure, ideally my son would sit at the table, skillfully use his utensils, wipe up his own messes, and always eat every last bit on his plate. Of course, in reality, I can't give him a plate without it being thrown at some point, so I pick my battles. Finding food that he thinks tastes great and I know is great for him doesn't have to be a battle with Earth's Best. Between all the pouches they offer, I have everything from simple fruits, yogurt smoothies, and simple veggies, to delicious combinations of flavours like Pumpkin Cranberry Apple and Apple Peach Oatmeal... and it's all at my finger tips.


I keep two pouches in my diaper bag for those times I'm on the run and need to feed Bobble while we're out and about, and there are always a few at home for those times he just is too busy to sit down and eat.

Available in 1st Foods Pouches (for babies 4 months and older), 2nd Foods Pouches (6 months and older), and 3rd Foods pouches (9 months and older), and their Just For Toddlers pouches (Sesame Street Fruit Yogurt Smoothies), there is something for every stage your baby will be in!

You can find Earth's Best Pouches at a grocer near you that carries Earth’s Best products, or you can use the Earth’s Best Store Locator to find a location near you! You can also order them online at the Earth’s Best Store, from, any other online retailers where you can buy Earth’s Best pouches!

You can also enter to win a sampler pack of Earth's Best Pouches HERE!
Disclosure: The product mentioned above was provided to me by Earth’s Best for review. This did not influence my opinion of the product in any way. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dropping In

It's definitely difficult for me to find time to write now that I only have a desktop to use, and the monitor for it happens to be our television! Bobble is taking a nap right now, so I have a few minutes to let you all know what's going on.

I'd like to start out by saying "welcome!" to all our new followers! I hope you enjoy what you read, and I encourage everyone to leave comments or questions about topics they want covered. I know posts that aren't bigger giveaways have been few and far between these last few months, but hopefully this isn't going to be a continuing trend.

We've been reviewing some products lately in our house. Keep an eye out for some reviews on skin care products (for baby), a diaper review, and maybe even something that is useful for when baby is sick. Trying not to give too good of hints!

Oh, and if you're curious, Bobble is expanding his role as a crazy toddler to a soon-to-be big brother. We're expecting next July! I don't have a nickname for this little one yet (which has me feeling rather guilty, as Bobble had his own little nickname at about 6w or 7w... and no, it wasn't "Bobble"!), but there will be one soon. We have lots of things in store to celebrate Bobble's little sibling, so keep an eye out for things on that, too!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

$200 Cloth Diapering Starter Stash (Giveaway!)

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