Sunday, December 16, 2012

Earth's Best Holiday Travel Gift Guide

Looking to make holiday travel a bit easier on you or a loved one? Earth's Best has put together a great holiday travel gift guide that will help you find everything you need to keep everyone happy from single-serve snacks, on-the-go pouches, and other great snacks, to an easy (and environmentally friendly) clean-up option with their awesome Chlorine-Free Nursery Wipes.

For little ones that love snacking away, you've got options like Happy Snax (in Cinnamon or Apple) and Veggie Crunchin' Crackers.

For infants or toddlers that can feed themselves, you've got Fruit & Grain Purees, or the delicious Greek Yogurt Smoothies.

Looking for something a bit more.... contained? Try the Sunny Days Snack bars in Strawberry or Apple. Individually wrapped bars keep fresh longer, and are the perfect size for those little hands!

Clean up will be a breeze with the Chlorine-free Nursery wipes. Packaged in a travel-sized bundle of 20, you can rest assured that you will clean up safely and efficiently with these wipes made from all-natural materials. They are biodegradable and have a lovely natural lavender and lemongrass scent.

What's best of all? Earth's Best is giving you the chance to pick your 3 favorite items from the above Holiday Travel Gift Guide! Enter to win the giveaway HERE!


  1. I would pick the Crunchin Crackers, Happy Snax and Sunny Days Snack Bars

  2. happy snax, purees, and greek smoothies

  3. I would pick the Veggie Crunchin' Crackers, Fruit & Grain Purees and Sunny Days Snack bars