Friday, December 7, 2012

Dropping In

It's definitely difficult for me to find time to write now that I only have a desktop to use, and the monitor for it happens to be our television! Bobble is taking a nap right now, so I have a few minutes to let you all know what's going on.

I'd like to start out by saying "welcome!" to all our new followers! I hope you enjoy what you read, and I encourage everyone to leave comments or questions about topics they want covered. I know posts that aren't bigger giveaways have been few and far between these last few months, but hopefully this isn't going to be a continuing trend.

We've been reviewing some products lately in our house. Keep an eye out for some reviews on skin care products (for baby), a diaper review, and maybe even something that is useful for when baby is sick. Trying not to give too good of hints!

Oh, and if you're curious, Bobble is expanding his role as a crazy toddler to a soon-to-be big brother. We're expecting next July! I don't have a nickname for this little one yet (which has me feeling rather guilty, as Bobble had his own little nickname at about 6w or 7w... and no, it wasn't "Bobble"!), but there will be one soon. We have lots of things in store to celebrate Bobble's little sibling, so keep an eye out for things on that, too!


  1. Looking forward to the skin care reviews! :)

  2. I love the nicknames for your kids online! much safer than real names and adorable in general! Glad you told me about your blog! -Denise