Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surprisingly Hard

It's been surprisingly hard trying to write here these last two months.... and not for a lack of things to say! Everyone that reads is aware (by now, anyway) that Bobble was sick for pretty much seven straight weeks. We were able to finally get over the illnesses, and we had a fantastic week last week! He was doing great at Montessori, he was sleeping beautifully, he was eating really well..... it was all just awesome. I missed having a happy little boy. I also thoroughly enjoyed having good sleep again!

Every Friday our local library offers a program for little kids (under age 5) to play for a couple hours. It's free, it allows for social interaction (for me and him!), and they have lots of toys that he just doesn't get exposed to anywhere else (like those really expensive playmats and structures made out of that material). My husband suggested I take him, and I thought that it would be a brilliant idea because he simply hasn't been in two months.

Guess who was exhibiting signs of a cold the very next day? *headdesk* Now, I haven't caught anything, so I'm holding on to that sliver of hope that it really is the fact his bottom two canines are visibly coming through.... but man. Talk about FRUSTRATING.

I'm very excited that we signed up to get a sample from www.wishgardenherbs.com a bit ago, and we actually got it in the mail yesterday. I heard about that company from a coworker (who uses namely holistic 'medicines'), and then saw that they had a FREE SAMPLE offer going on. It's hard to turn down a chance to try something for free when you wanted to try it anyway, so I signed up for a free sample of Kick-it Immune (For Kids), and we got it in the mail yesterday. I gave Bobble a half dose of it (simply to see if he had any reactions), and he didn't seem to mind it, though it smells like a shot of some random adult beverage. I let him taste a droplet first, and he signed 'more', so I gave him the whole dropper.... to which he signed 'all done' after. It was probably pretty strong. It did say it could be mixed with water for taste or simply placed under the tongue. I went the direct route. Anywho, here's to hoping that this stuff works. It's meant to boost the natural immune system and response, so I'm crossing my fingers. Obviously taking him to the doctor over and over (and over and over) didn't do diddly squat.

The company also has a bunch of other products, though not everything is available for a free sample. They do have things for Ear aches, calming/soothing, upset tummies, colic, cold season, coughs.... many other things. Oh, did I mention for helping you sleep? The above are also for children or infants, though they do have adult things, too. I decided to try this out since these are made with organic and wild-harvested botanicals, and they are herbal remedies. Again, we all saw how much the medicines from the doctor did for Bobble. *cough* nothing *cough*

So, here's to hoping he gets better (and stays better!) soon.... so I can write more here! I have plans for this blog, big plans... I just need my little guy to not be sick all the time so I can do something about them!

Disclosure: I receive a sample from the company through a promotion they were doing, and have not had any contact with the company in regards to a review on their product. Any opinions or statements above are my own and are not influenced by the company in any way, shape, or form.


  1. Never commented before, but have been following for a bit :)
    Hoping your little one starts to feel better. How incredibly frustrating for him to be exhibiting sick symptoms again after 7 long weeks. It's hard when you just want to write a post or two but literally can't even find a spare minute to do it.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. I have so many ideas I want to do for the blog, video tutorials on certain diapers, so many topics to write on.... and I have a sick toddler and 10 hour work days. Ugh! He responded really well to that Kick-it Immune.... that or it was sheer coincidence. He is 100% better already though. I'm liking this herbal stuff! :)

    2. So glad he is feeling better! I will have to look into the Kick-It Immune for when my little guy inevitably gets sick :) I hope life slows down a bit and you can really get into your blog posts. It's such a great creative outlet :)