Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my readers! I hope you are having a fun (and safe!) time with your family and/or friends! We didn't have any festivities tonight, but we went to a party last Saturday with Bobble. He went as Charlie Brown, just as I mentioned a while back. I will upload a picture when I have the opportunity, likely over the weekend.

Also, if anyone was curious, this Kick-it Immune stuff seems to work really well. It could be sheer coincidence.... but Bobble is 100% better already. That was pretty darn fast. He also surprised me by signing for "more" of it after a full dropper (it suggests 2 droppers for kids over the age of 1, but I only gave him 1 the first day to watch for a reaction). He takes a dropper, shakes his head with squinty eyes and a crinkled face, then signs for more. I love it. Again, I have no clue if it was sheer coincidence or not, but if it really is this stuff being that awesome, I'm buying some.

If anyone can, I would also appreciate it if you went and voted for Bobble on Thirsties Facebook Contest Page. He's the one with the little leaf in his hand that is captioned "autumn leaves are falling". There seems to be a glitch, however, and it has duplicated my picture. Please vote on the one with the higher number!

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