Saturday, October 13, 2012

Earth's Best Organic Yummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make that meal something that is good for your little one, too? Earth's Best offers many breakfast items that will help get your child's day started off on the right foot!

Earth's Best Organic Yummy Tummy Instant Oatmeal is one of our favorites, and comes in both Maple & Brown Sugar or Apples & Cinnamon flavours. There are no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives in them, and each serving contains 30 grams of whole grain. What's not to love about that?

Bobble likes the Yummy Tummy oatmeals, but we like to blend them up a bit more to where there aren't really any clumps of oats in it. Don't get me wrong, it tastes great as it is! Both of us (yes, me too!) just are weird with textures of any food. Soooo, that being said, if your little one is a bit finicky of an eater, try to blend this up a wee bit with a hand blender. Odds are, they'll take to it and you'll know they are getting the wholesome foods you want them to have!

Just in case you don't remember why breakfast is important, here are a few tidbits for you as well. :)

A typical person will spend about eight hours asleep each night with no food or water. When they wake up in the morning, their body is dehydrated and they have little energy to start out the day with. This is for EVERYONE, not just munchkins! So, skipping a meal in the morning will mean you likely will eat more throughout the day (and generally those foods end up being unhealthy and high in calories). Academically speaking, children (or anyone, really!) who eat a well-balanced, complete breakfast will perform better than those who skip breakfast regularly.

For more breakfast tips and ideas, check out the Bring on Breakfast article on Earth's Best website. You can also keep an eye out on my blog for a giveaway for your own box of oatmeal from Earth's Best!

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