Monday, October 8, 2012

BentoBoxes -- Keep It Separated!

If you've been looking for a lunch box for your child, have you checked out Laptop Lunches Bento Boxes yet? The bento boxes are a fantastic way to pack healthy, well-portioned lunches for you or your children. They are stylish, eco-friendly lunch boxes that are reusable, recyclable, long lasting, and dishwasher safe. Better yet, they contain NO phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, or lead. They are great for traveling, going to work, or going to school.

Laptop Lunches sent me one of their awesome Bento boxes to try out:


I was thrilled to find out that they were (top rack) dishwasher safe, as this would make it a lot easier to clean on those days where Bobble just won't stay in one place long enough for me to collect my thoughts before he makes another mess!

As you will be able to see from the pictures that will follow, Bobble wanted to make certain that he helped with showing off the Bento Box. I was thrilled that he was so excited about it, because it was for him to take to daycare, after all!

The box is easy to open, but not so easy that Bobble could do it himself. I find this a HUGE plus, personally, as he is in a "throw everything that you can" phase when it comes to food.


Of course, once it's open, he has no issues what-so-ever!


It was very difficult for me to get a shot without Bobble running in the way or grabbing items and moving them around, so this was the best I could do once it was open:


The compartments are separated and easily moved around inside the box to be however you like it set up best. You can see there is a compartment on the right hand side of the box for eating utensils, and three of the five containers have lids.


The lids have different pictures on them to show what's inside (assuming you want to follow the suggestion on the lids!) like fruits and veggies. The tiny container doesn't have a picture, but it's obviously for something like dressing, sauce, etc.


I love how well these containers seal, because nothing can spill from them, but they aren't difficult to open up. I also love the pictures on the lids because it makes it a bit exciting for Bobble. While this can hold much more food than the can eat in a day at childcare, this will be perfect for him when he gets a bit older!

Okay, I admit it. I've totally stolen this for myself until that point in time.... but at that rate I might as well just get him a new one! That doesn't mean he doesn't get to enjoy this while we are out and about, though! I can put some broccoli in one container, some ranch dressing (his favourite!) in the tiny container, and a few pieces of fruit (like sliced grapes) to enjoy while we're out running errands for an extended period of time.

While I don't have a carrier for the BentoBox, you can find them on the Laptop Lunches store page under Carriers, Totes & Sleeves.

The BentoBox is also the perfect companion to MOMables lunches (my review seen here), and are featured in many of the recipes they send out. (Such as the Philly steak sandwich that can be seen on their Sample Menu page.)
Laptop Lunches has offered to give one of my readers a $25.00 gift certificate to their store! You can enter below for your chance to win! If you don't win, don't be discouraged! These containers are durable and will definitely save you money by ensuring you don't need to keep purchasing a new lunch box (or containers for inside it!) year after year. Check out their store to see all the great items you can purchase, including their Bento Buddies (extra containers, all with lids!).

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  1. My favorite BentoBox is the Berry Blue color.

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  2. I also like their Blue Bento Tote.

    colljerr at comcast dot net

    1. I like the Bento Box in the Garden color.Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

  3. I llike to try bento jar (Katie L)

  4. Yay!! I look forward to using the gift card! I emailed you back Christine!

    Shanee C