Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cloth 101: Fitteds

When looking into diapers, many people want to know what is the absolute BEST diaper of a certain style. This post is to show you why you can't really select one "best" diaper... there are many designs for the same type of diaper! This post will show you a couple "fitted" diapers.

Before I continue, I would like to apologize that the only fitteds I have left anymore are pretty much the same style. I will show a few older photos I have from when Bobble was younger, and also mention a few other styles that I don't have anymore.

Fitted diapers are full diapers that still need some sort of waterproof cover (such as wool covers, PUL/TPU covers, fleece covers, etc.) to be complete. The benefit to fitted diapers is that the entire diaper is absorbent, not just a strip between your child's legs. If you find yourself in search of a night time solution that won't leave your child's bedding damp in the morning, these might be your solution! Imagine a diaper with just the strip between your child's legs being completely saturated. If they roll over or shift positions, that pressure on the insert will cause liquid to seep out. Odds are, that will go to their clothing and bedding. In a fitted, the entire diaper is absorbent. Not only is that less likely due to the fact the liquid can spread out (thus, less concentrated in one area!), but if there is pressure applied in one spot, it just seeps into other parts of the diaper. I really wish I had discovered fitteds sooner!

(There are also hybrid fitteds that have a layer of material sewn inside to help keep moisture inside the diaper. These are not completely waterproof, though they can be worn without a cover longer than those that do not have this feature. I am not covering any of these hybrid diapers in this post.)

TotsBots Stretch Bamboozle on left, Sustainablebabyish Overnight Bamboo Fitted on right
 Thirsties Fab Fitted (above left and right)

The two brands of fitted diapers I still have and use are TotsBots Bamboozle (left) and Sustainablebabyish (S'bish) Overnight Bamboo Fitted (OBF for short). I also use S'bish Happy Little Clouds (HLC), but I didn't have two to show open and closed, so that will be below.

TotsBots Bamboozle - This diaper is available in a size 1 and size 2. There are adjustable rise snaps, and the wonderfully durable TotsBots aplix closure. The booster snaps in, held by a pair of snaps in the front of the diaper. More absorbency can be added between the cover and the fitted, or a smallish booster could be placed under the snap-in inset inside the fitted. This diaper is possibly the trimmest fitted I've ever used, but holds a ridiculously huge amount of moisture. It's also very soft.

Sustainablebabyish OBF - These diapers also have snaps to hold the insert to the diaper, though the insert is much longer and can be folded to boost absorbency in different areas. There are cross-over snaps to help get a good fit, but these diapers are sized, so you won't find rise snaps. While the can hold a lot, the material is rather stiff around the edges where it is serged (like the legs), and that seems like it would be uncomfortable on baby. My little one ended up with the stiff material around the leg elastics sticking straight out, pushing into her thighs. That aside, I loved how these diapers worked. If trimness under clothing is a concern of yours, you might not like this diaper.

The above 4 pictures are all the Sbish HLC. The two two show with the front up, the bottom two show with the front folded down (for shorter babies)

S'bish HLC - This diaper is almost identical to the S'bish OBF. The differences are the outer diaper material and the sizing/adjusting. For the material, the insert that snaps in is the same as the HLC, while the outer material is a very stretchy and soft material (much like the Bamboozle). This eliminated the only complaint I had with the S'bish OBF. This diaper, like the OBF, is sized... but differently. The OBF has sizes XS through XL while the HLC have only two sizes. Size 1 fits from 7-15 lbs, and size 2 fits from 15-35lbs. To make these diapers adjust a bit to accommodate baby, the HLC has both cross-over snaps and the option to fold down the front of the diaper. Inside the diaper there are more snaps, allowing you to effectively shorten the rise of the diaper (See bottom two pictures of the HLC shown above.)

Thirsties Fab Fitted - This fitted is super soft and easily one of the most pleasant diapers I've ever touched. It has rise snaps (visible at the pictures shown at the top of the post) and a stay dry material that goes against baby. Not many fitteds that I've encountered have a stay dry material! These diapers have the option of a snap or aplix closure (please note that the aplix closure pictured in this post is their old aplix. Their new aplix is wider and more durable), and their snap closure diapers do have a cross-over snap. These are offered in size 1 (6-18lbs) and size 2 (18-40lbs). For added absorbency, you can easily slide a booster or doubler into the tunnel created by the way the diaper is sewn (see above picture). The only down side to this diaper is that the absorbent material is all microfiber. If you're not a fan of microfiber, you're not going to want this diaper.

Disclaimer: Thoughts of Fluff was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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