Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When Cloth Diapers Are More Than Just Diapers

The other day I was heading to an Indian buffet with my youngest child, my husband and my mother who was up for a visit. I'm a sucker for Indian food, and this place is amazing. I'm not so much a fan of the fact that if you drop any food on yourself, you've secured a stain-removal attempt for your next laundry day.

I grabbed youngest's diaper bag and started reaching for her bib. I absolutely love her bumkins bibs, and I always keep one on hand in the diaper bag.

Well, almost always. Apparently I didn't replace it the last time we ate out. It happens so infrequently (us eating out) that I had no clue. It has been months since our last meal out. Thankfully, I have cloth diapers.

I always keep a "quick change" diaper on hand, meaning a pre-stuffed pocket or an AIO. After that one, however, I keep 2-3 flats and prefolds on hand. I saw no bib, but I saw a flat. I now have a bib.

As we were cleaning up youngest, I gathered the flat up in my hand and wiped a bunch of food crumbs from her into a pile and set the 'bib' down. The waitress came over and grabbed some plates and went to grab that, then stopped. She commented on how she thought it was one of their rags at first, but that it looks like a cloth diaper. I mentioned it was, but it was a bib for today. She said they love using those as rags to clean up because they do such a good job.

Didn't expect to have a cloth diaper conversation at the Indian buffet!

What other uses have you found for flats?

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