Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shower Tip

This may be something you have already thought of, but for some reason it took me a while to start doing this. My children have longer hair, and the older they get the more difficult it seems to be. I thought it would get easier as I could tell them to tilt their head back, but it seems to be quite the opposite. The second water hits the top of their head, they throw their head down to keep it out of their face, effectively making all the water run towards their face.

They have hair. Lots and lots of hair.
I've tried resting my leg behind them for them to lay their head on. I've tried those little shower hats you put around their head that keeps the water out of their eyes. I've tried using a cup instead of the shower head. No luck with any of them.

Finally, the other day, I handed a cloth wipe to Squiggle for her to hold to her eyes as she held her head back. She was more willing to let the water hit her head without moving it because her eyes were "protected". If she leaned forward and the water/soap ran towards her face, it stopped and was absorbed by the wipe.

All this time struggling, and all I needed to do was grab a wipe. Of course, a washcloth would work just as well, but we have a million cloth wipes and no children in diapers anymore, so those were the first thing I thought to use.

These aren't even close to all our cloth wipes, either!
So if you have been having similar troubles, try a cloth wipe (or a washcloth), and see if it might work for you, too!

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