Sunday, March 20, 2016

Geek it up!

Anyone out there looking for some geeky goods made by work-at-home-moms (WAHMs)? Check out the group Geek Chic Fleet Congo on FaceBook! Stocking is bi-monthly, and the stocking dates/times are announced monthly.

(taken from a post in the group):

Who are we and what do we do? 
We are a group of WAHM's that all make different and fantastic geeky goodies of all types. Looking for geeky goodies for your kiddos, geeky wall art, jewelry, purses, kitchen geekery, geekery for your vehicle, a geeky drinking receptacle? We have all that jazz & MORE!

Want to join as a wahm? 
Message an admin & if you offer a product that is different from what we already have in our conglomeration, adding you could be a possibility!

How this works: 
Each stocking, we'll have an album of goodies that are available. Once the stocking is live, comment on what you're wanting with your paypal email OR message the wahm if you aren't comfortable posting your email. 
Check out the group docs to view the list of WAHM's and absolutely fantastic geekery we offer!

Not only are all the items made with geeky care, but they are awesome! It's not every day you can find handmade items that look great, too!

There is currently a giveaway going on (for group members only, so join the group!) that will have 16 individual winners, and one grandprize winner. Here's the image from their giveaway (shared with permissions) to give you an idea of some of the items you can find in the group.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: Thoughts of Fluff was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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