Saturday, April 25, 2015

Me, Myself, and I

Since becoming a mother, a lot of things have been part of my identity. I am a babywearer. I am a diaperer. I am a storybook reader. I am a cuddler. I adopted so many new labels and titles... but what about who I am at my core?

Wait... you are your own person!?

I have been struggling with my identity as of late. What happened to that person that I used to be? Am I still in there!?

I am, and I need to be me more often. I can be all of these new things while still being me. You, my readers, know I love cloth diapers, babywearing, green products... but what about things I love (and loved) before?

This is me. All me. I'm not your typical mom blogger, probably, but that's not a bad thing. I just have a different perspective to offer. To save time, I figured I would make a small list of things I enjoyed before children/things I enjoy that don't involve children.

I am:
A music lover (playing/listening)
A cook and a baker
A video gamer (I love N64 and before, but that doesn't mean I could ever pass up some DDR!)
A gamer (RPGs, MUDs, board games...)
A nature lover (Can't love green items without loving nature! Well, you could... but still.)
A grammar-nazi (Sorry!)
An anime lover
A tea lover
A student (again)

...and much more. But that's a brief look into who I am that doesn't focus on children. I love Doctor Who and Pokemon, but no... that has nothing to do with my kids. Thankfully, my children now love Doctor Who and Pokemon, as well. I am going to incorporate more of my personal interests into the blog in the future, so you've been warned!

Also, adding to our "green" lifestyle, we will have 6 new family members joining us shortly. More on that to come.

Disclaimer: Thoughts of Fluff is responsible for all content of this post.

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