Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stepping back

I've stepped back from my blog to ponder what it is, lately. My blog started as a blog for all things cloth. I loved cloth diapers. I still love cloth diapers... but my children are nearing the end of using cloth diapers.

Thoughts of Fluff grew to incorporate more than just diapers. Baby products, "green" products, toddler products, baby carriers (they sort of cover both baby and toddler!), and then recipes. Recipes count, because the kids have to eat, and I have find things they like and that are healthy (especially since Bobble was in Children's Hospital with Nephrotic Syndrome).

So then it became more of a recipe and toddler-geared blog.

The truth is, my children are growing, and soon the diapers will soon be gone. I will hold on to a few, but they will be gone. My children are developing their personalities, showing obvious preferences for anything and everything they do. I love seeing this, but that means this blog will have to shift a little bit more.

I'm going to take a week or two to finish up my current class (it's very demanding, time-wise), although I may post a little post between now and then, and then I am going to reintroduce you to my family. Squiggle, Bobble, Husband, and Me. I feel there should be more of me in this blog. More of my actual likes, not just my likes for my baby. More of what I enjoy, not just what I enjoy as a mom. It doesn't mean they are things I enjoy with my children, but I think it's time that I include me, too.

No worries, I adore baby wearing and that will remain a part of this blog for quite some time, as I still wear Bobble (and he's 4) and Squiggle isn't even 2 yet.

Please bear with me during this transition. I hope you enjoy what you read and continue to follow along, and I'd love to hear about what you want to see posts on, reviews on, or simply chat about.

I'm also contemplating a name change. I'd love thoughts and suggestions on that one, too!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Your first photo is absolutely precious.