Friday, May 16, 2014

Flats & Handwashing Challenge - Day 6

Day 6: Open Topic

I just wanted to share that anyone can do this. You think you're too lazy? I'm lazy, too! Wait, I have proof!

Yesterday, Thursday and day 5 of the Flats & handwashing challenge, I stuffed a loaded of pocket diapers with microfiber inserts right out of the dryer. I WASHED THEM AND DRIED THEM FRIDAY BEFORE THE CHALLENGE. That means I waited an entire week before doing something with them. I just let them sit in the dryer since I didn't need them. Also, that means I have slacked on doing ANY laundry all week. *twiddles thumbs*

Sooooo, yes. Lazy people can handwash, too! In fact, this actually is faster than my normal laundry routine, as I don't procrastinate going and starting the next cycle, switching the laundry over, or stuffing them. I have a limited amount of flats, and so they stay 'caught up' in terms of laundering.

I have noticed that the overnight diapers smell ripe the last 2 nights. I don't think I am using enough soap. It was hard to judge what amount of soap I should use for such a small amount of diapers, so I sort of was winging it. I'll try more soap today (diapers are soaking). If you're curious, they don't smell like ammonia, nor do they smell like barnyard. They smell like garlic. Not a yummy sort of garlic, either. I decided to add a few drops of TTO to my soak this morning, and I'll let them soak a bit longer than normal. I have some seeds to start for our garden, anyway. (Yes, I've been putting that off, too!)

So, for all you lazy people like me, YOU CAN DO IT! It's a good little work out (and, if you're like me, the only one you get that day other than chasing a toddler), it's faster than using the machines (again, especially if you forget about it or put it off a bunch), and it's surprisingly easy to do.

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