Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flats & Handwashing Challenge - Day 5

Day 5: Flats Experience, Folds you love, and Are they working?

Prior to taking this challenge, I had used flats a couple times. I only used the pad folded/trifolded and laying in a cover, or origami fold with a snappi. I rarely did the origami fold because it took time. Sometimes I would stuff a pocket with a pad folded flat, but mostly I just stuck to my pocket diapers with inserts.

Since starting this challenge, I looked at other folds to try. My biggest problem with the origami fold is that they just don't fit my chunk that great folded that way. I saw a lot of people liked the Kite Fold, so I decided to give it a try. I modify my kite fold, though.

I don't bother folding it to be a square, first. I don't care that it's crooked. I don't fold the point down, either. I like to keep that out to cover the fastener. I'll show you in a side-by-side comparison of the kite fold vs. my kite fold. They are two different sized flats, but you get the idea.

Fold corners in to a point like if you were making a paper airplane. (Note the flat on the left was folded previously to make it into a square where as the flat on the right was just folded for the first time in this step)

Fold top part down to make a triangle. This is where baby's bum will go!

Fold point of long end up to make a trapezoid (or don't.... I leave mine out like on the right!)

Fold bottom up and over baby's front

Fold wings in (then fasten!)

I fold my point over the fastener (pin, snappi, boingo, doesn't matter) so baby has less of a chance of being able to mess with it and risk getting hurt. Not really that much more protection, but it's something, right?
Normally I would fold my flat one more time (folding a tiny bit of the edges in to make it narrower) before folding it up and over baby, but you can also just roll the edges in around the legs to tuck in extra material and help prevent poop from getting out of the diaper and onto the cover. (see below example with stuffed animal):
Before folding the point up and over baby, I usually fold (or roll) the sides in a little

Yay, diaper is on!

I couldn't take these pictures with my baby as an example because, honestly, Squiggle lives up to her name. She wouldn't hold still for any of this, and you would have just had blurs!

Our flats are working great for us! I'm honestly surprised at how well they hold. If I don't put Squiggle in a double-stuffed (MF) pocket or a fitted and cover, her night time diapers normally leak. Surprisingly, we have only had one leak at night time during this challenge, and it was on the night I had the smaller size flat on her.  They have been drenched in the morning, but they've held. I've been very impressed. I prefer to use the Flip Daytime Organic inserts since I feel they hold more than my other flats, but I've had success with the larger sized flat as well.

What is your favorite fold?


  1. Pretty Nifty fold! I like your frog- He's cute. :)

  2. I like the idea of folding extra length over the fastener. If I have any extra length, I usually try to fold it in, which seems unnecessary now that I see your suggestion. I do like the kite fold, but all of the folds in the back are difficult to handle when my daughter poops. I'm still searching for a fold that combines the fit of the kite fold (and the ease of jelly rolling the legs) with fewer edges to clean.

    1. Before you place baby on the large triangle (kite fold), just flip it over so all the folds are on the outside and they poop on one smooth surface. I do that, but I didn't for the picture because it doesn't look that great for a picture ;)