Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Helping Out

I've found that Bobble, who will be THREE this month *faint*, is better behaved when he is helping out with Squiggle (or in general). Granted, he's nearly 3, so he's pretty crazy as it is... but still. He wants to help with everything right now, so I've been trying to find more ways to include him.

  • Diaper Laundry - he folds the wipes (actually folds them instead of balling them up, finally!)
  • Regular Laundry - he searches for socks and stacks them in a nice pile (if the laundry is clean), and he helps carry the basket to the room (he gets one end, I get the other. 
    • If the laundry is dirty, he takes it by the armful out to the laundry room.
  • Diaper Changes - he is in charge of keeping Squiggle happy (which is actually a great help because she keeps her hands away from her diaper area when he's on his stool talking to her!) and picking out the new diaper.
    • This gets tricky because he wants so badly to clean her off and put the new diaper on (which I let him try once, but ... yeah. not yet.) 
Do you have a little one that wants to help but isn't very "helpful"? What are your tricks to getting them to help (while not messing up what you're doing)?

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