Sunday, January 5, 2014

Funbites Review & Giveaway

Do you have a child that gets sick of eating, sometimes? Do they play with their food or just get bored with it? Well, ideally, children would know that food is for eating and that's that... but that's not reality with young toddlers, that's for sure! That's where Funbites come into play! Funbites quickly cut food into fun shapes for your little one to enjoy. Whether you're wanting to make eating more fun, you're trying to make bite-size pieces for your munchkin, or you simply are making appetizers for a party and want them cut quickly and evenly, Funbites is your answer!

Bobble isn't without his quirks, and eating quirks are near the top of the list! It got to the point where we would call things that looked remotely like cake "cakes" (corn bread, for example, was 'corn cake'), and anything long and skinny would be called "fries" (chicken strips & fish sticks... both 'fries'!). It's not that he didn't like the foods, but he didn't want to take the first bite unless we referenced something he loved first. Fish fillets/sticks are one of his favorites, but if they aren't "fish fries", you might not succeed in getting even one bite into his mouth.

Thankfully, Funbites sent us a sample of their product for review. Funbites was started due to eating quirks, too! We got the squares, though there are more 'fun' shapes to get if you prefer. The funbites come in two parts that fit together nicely. One part you push down onto the food to make a quick and easy cut (yay, shapes!), and the other part it simply "holds" the cutting part.

The plastic is easy to clean, a durable. We tested it out on various foods... even some that shouldn't have been tested on. If you have a big slice of melon (flat slice, mind you), you can quickly cut a bunch of cubes (or whatever shape you picked) to serve multiple people, or just make a nice little bite-size snack that is easy for your little one to pick up! You can cut sandwiches just as easily! 

Remember how I said that we tested it on some food that shouldn't be tested on? My husband decided to try it on a sloppy joe. Yes, a sloppy joe. Nothing about that idea sounds remotely smart to me. This product is designed to cut, not contain a gigantic blob of sloppy joe! Surprisingly, it worked. Yes, lots of the meat came out of the sandwich, but it made bite-sized cube-ish pieces (honestly, you can't expect clean-cut cubes in a sloppy joe!) that my husband then squished a bit to put them together. It made it a million times easier for Bobble to eat! Still messy, but not as bad! Yay!

While Funbites aren't a necessity, they sure do make bite-size cutting really easy! If you have some of the more fun shapes (like the hearts) then you can cut cute / fun shapes in the blink of an eye! Definitely recommended if you like to make appetizers, have a picky/bored eater, or like to make cute packed lunches for your little one!

You can buy Funbites for $12.99 individually (buy more than 1 and save!) from the store.

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** My apologies to the gracious people at FunBites for the enormous delay on the publishing of this review! I didn't realize I never scheduled it to go live, and it had been sitting completed for months! ...can I blame mommy brain on that one? **


  1. i love that this is a way to make easier, what my kids already ask me to do. sure wish i had invented these though :)

  2. This looks so fun! My twins are just about to be old enough to start eating real big people food and this seems like an easy way to cut things into bitesized pieces for them!

  3. These are just amazing! Anything which makes food fun helps my toddler eat!

  4. isn't the second part to push the cut food out of the first part? i haven't had a funbite yet but assumed that is what it was for. i'd love to have these for my big kids lunches

    1. I wondered that myself, but then imagined a PB&J (which is bigger than the funbites) would get a bit messy on the outside, so I opted to leave it flat on the counter and roll it (note the underside is rounded so you can apply pressure and rock/roll it to the other side for a smooth cut)

  5. I learned that they developed this product since their youngest daughter was a very picky eater

  6. I like that they have different shapes.

  7. I really love the triangles! 2 of my 5 children refuse to eat crust, this would be an amazing product to have for them! Thanks for the chance :)

  8. I love the Heart Shaped cutter, my daughter seems to eat better when things are bite sized, so this is great!

  9. I like the different colors and shapes they come in.