Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holidays

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays this year. Times have been tough around our household as I still haven't found work (nearing 7 months!), but  we are very thankful for what we do have. Both children have been fairly healthy as of late (save a cold here and there), and I was one of those crazy people who shops for holidays all year round, so I actually already had a few presents for the children before I got laid off. They are so little that they won't know the difference... but they will love opening presents!

I even lucked out in a few giveaways recently, one of which was for a pack of 12 diapers. Obviously, I don't need those diapers... I have a LOT! I contacted my local cloth diaper store and they knew of a mother in need (who had literally no diapers), and now some local mother has a beginning stash. My favorite part of the season is that others recognize the need for kindness and generosity more (though I wish they did all year round!), and I was saddened when I still had no job because I feared I might miss out on being able to help someone. I always try to donate items this time of year, but it just isn't in the budget when you have no income... so thank you, all you other bloggers holding giveaways... you helped me help someone else!

I'm sorry I've been so scattered with blog posts. It doesn't matter how often I tell myself that I'll get better at it, because Bobble has other plans. Squiggle does, too, of course... but Bobble will walk up to me, shut my laptop, slide it under the couch (great storage place, eh?), and say, "Play with me, mom!"

You can't say 'no' to that!

Happy Holidays, and keep a look out for a few other reviews that I've had lined up (and waiting on pictures), and maybe even a few giveaways! *wink*

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